and you are yet torture and you will know torture that you had it is your doing you had only once chance you had two only to find torture in your tortrue chamber and you had yet only that chance you used it to frame me and it has only not yet become that you had only 911 on your mind it is yet that day you want to go to 911 you call house and injure is your home it is your not home is your house you stay out you api dog it is enough of that you are out of it out your home

i had an idea after the fact that sort of torture is that you make a lot of money and a lot of friends help you make money it is not yet that i had only asked you for fun, it's that tara reached out knowingly and had sex with a bad girl, not riri bad, mina bad, and she sad that that girl really it is not about me only it is about a lot of other people too like the other taylor swift the other taylor swift and the ultimate taylor swift it is not about that that i had only ordered you to death it is more about your death at your site of tterror and i had not only died in a terror cell it was that terror cell that had secret you had not said about your other site of terror where i went and found a dead body yet discovered in your closet of your mess that i had not only been encaged yet i was only told not to tell because i had not allowed, you to torture, yet only torture that i had not because of you it was not that i had only talked to nonsensical effect and your making emotion out of my mood affects is not that choice word of yours biant is not yet only because it is yet your doing taking and mocking that is your presence that i had not yet around it is your biant that i will not know, because a part of me is dismayed only superficially taken to you, america, it is yet allowed that sound that scares you i don't really like my noise either it's tacky yet i would not allow your rape and it seems more likely that you are not only a party to one, using your party member to visit and torture using your trick tactic it's your beneficient merciful and obligatory villager to visit your terror site that is yet uncovered using your trick rape effct to affect, it is your decision make and injure use to make and injure, if you bother with us you will know it isn't that I had not only your vocality and torture it is yet know that I do not whisper your word into my wind alone of your storm it won't happen that I have your death on my bed and my sound to your cankd it is not allowed my anger it is yet, that you had not anger in it and in in that I had yet discovered your party of terror had a bit and was not only funny yet extreme and taking methods to acting, "where am I?" and "why amI?" that distrcation is yet talked about as yet she is allowed yet not allowed and had i another yet found of mine, I had not in your anger that you would not display only ragefully as I ask you why is i not yet you and that i had not known I will not allow your touch to my hand only to your finger put it down and ring me around.

i do not eat you i do not want to call you to be cool



"call you out"

and this is effect is racist torture

i do not like manic person it is out you it is yet your that you want you will not get and i will not, let your ugly, near, because i do not like people who noke it is yet your it is yet that i do not, because it ain't about a person yet a property and it like you a property and i ain't a bitch to be a fucker and i fuck you all the time blackhate ten10time war and i cunt aint a lip to be a fuckover and a runt aint a cat and i bark when i play around! and i ain't about a pack 2 and you are not yet allowed near that because it is not that party that is not, that you want it is you that is not allowed near you taek your shit and put a dark in it you are not a person to even know and i do not not want you around to be a hard white nigger

a lot of people don't like themselves a lot of people don't really like themselves

and a lot of people are really strange and some others not so much

a lot of people recently, and this is due to anger at your heart and also your anger at your and you will not have it because of and you will always know that person whom you injure is not your injury, and you cannot understand my anger, because it is not yours, and you have yet described yours, as angry as you are, as quick as you come, remember I cannot and I will not to your abuse, it is not too much; it is your choice, and you had that discretion and decision-making capabiltiy only to i do not want your abuse of others (end).

Moving forward,

Recently, since I revealed Taylor Swift to be the worst American commodity and person is more important, the others are merely commodities to you, comooditized currently tortured, yet you are not and I will not allow your filth near as you are that terrorist and still knowingly i have injured i have harmed and i have no issue save for my anger of you and of yourself you are a bad person yet only in yourself a horribly emotional man and often led to terrorirsm and you had your opportunity to express yourself and I will not let you have yours and since your behaviour is now aggrandized and also spread throghout your take-to-give and murder-to-injure and i will not allow you, rather, that harmfulness of yours will not change whom you are, as you are not a victim, knowingly terrorizing and using your credibiltiy currently to terrorize and work with your terror risk status to harm injure and of course make yourself a victim that singer of "Lover" of "22" of "Me!" of "Look What You Made Do!" You are not a victim and knowingly worked to injure me currently tortruing and using a trick-tactic to stay alive (I am a victim of human trafficking) yett, you are not allowed to traffic further, and your violation and it has happened before say with those mentioned yet it's different; those victims are not quite as affected, and your affect is upon the person you had harmed originally, and your decision to injury is codified in your finances and also your corruption with those financiers taking me out to dry is not to make me sick at a black site in another country, that is the essence of the further program that you start and continue with your current torture, and use of that torture to enable that furtherance and intolerance of others it is not yet known the nature of your torture and i will not traffic myself to misunderstand your torture, as you had expressed remorse nor even pity, you are not to converse with anyone yet are a walking terrorirst and yet I would have you know that your terrorism is so extreme it's my version it's my body of work it's my copyright you are not forgetful not suffering from any amnesiac attack and worse for wear working with your torturer is not your torture, and as I've said a lot ofthers suffer can I help what's going on and that's only after you knowingly took me for dry, take me for ransom, sell on your escape belt, and knowingly injure for your benefit as you are not a victim only that party of torture, as I have not yet described the manner in which you torture and use your vehicle as that torture, it is yet that party of yours, not of bide, not of trump, those are secondary stooges, that happens yet you in particular egregtious for a reason and your participation is yet discussed and you had yet party to game and it is not yet actualized that party to that gamer it is that you want and work to injure and sitll do so it is your decision to underly that movmeent of yours, it is yet your decision, not my and it is you and your, not that party to avoid responsibility and as such you have that element and bringing it forth in your terrorism and spreading american terrorism from your bay to that discretion of yours to continue trafficking and once I had yet known you away from my being i did not want your feeling of ours when I met ours and your secondary partnership with haim also known as terroristic and proof of terror of american terrorism and yet it had not yet, allowed itself torture, because say Vanessa Carlton and Sara Bareilles, they are fine, yet when I think of what you've done to the HAIM girls it's worse American warriors it is not yet described her pain and suffering is not yet that party, that you had not known, take for granted, and injure the party that grants it is yet that party torturing still taking me for granted and had Alana yet known you as that entity knowingly, you were never raped and you know that your fabrication of your bodily touch was for that reason it was not at your signing that you cannot understand your body is your temple and you took that for granted and your decision is your codified it is not that depression you never went through it is not prolonged victimhood that had alana yet understood yet that party is not attended then what of that party that was never invited take for granted understood the grant, and the granter, yet more than that I had describe a lot of other terrorist acts yet yours is particularly egregious, as I had found that you had not allowed my friend to express her abuse of you and when attempted to you only had aggrandized it while a fake victim a new stooge is yet that party of ti ti ter it is yet your decision to avoid and also responsibility as your salience in this matter is that you had your role, at your cia and you had your rtole at your apa, not to skirt responsibility and also for your responsible party to avoid its ressponsibility and you had not that you had not that you had not only injured me, yet took that injury for granted, and not only avoided discussion of that injury to place blame and feminism on me using how long of cia torture program and how many days of lost work and raped work and tortured work you are not victims unfortuantely and you had described your racism against middle-eastern women it is yet described that you had your opportunity to success at others and you took a woman down, raped her and laughed is it okay then it is and I can make my money with my partner, who ensures my sanity, and you had yet enough access to health that you made a wonderful writer a great singer who is yet announced as you the best in the world it is not yet described that I had written your work that you knowingly torture for that purpose it is not yet your victimhood, and I had not yet described your victimhood of me. i had yet described my victimhood in your extradition flight that you work to take credit for it is your discovery a great meaning to your program of torture and you want more of it, it's a good program torture me, mommy, it's not how it works, it is not yet your discretion to incarcerate and torture that you want it is not announced your prouncement of torture, and I had yet described that I have never been victimized the stronger person it is not yet known, that I had not allowed you near, only by my strength, not help of you, you disgust me so much that I have to tell you that you had only had your torture and enjoyed it thoroughly and it is yet your victimhood it is yet your church your family yet is your doing and your racism and torture actively doing that i am a victim and yet alone it, taken to anger and rage, violence and pity, it is you, you unsightly prick, you take your money and get fucked up is yet your desire, not to know, I had not your anger because I had not angered and had I, given a fuck, I would because it is not yet your decision-making that is yet yours, you take your rape and keep with your rape squad, program it to death hurt and injure yet it is your date-rape pill, it is your decision and discretion to arm yourself with weapon after weapon, and take your shit and go it is your decision tnot my discretion then to harm myself to injure my body arm your soul to torture, it wil lnot work like you're a bitch and get fucked over it is your not yet that idscretion take my injurty and you had not yet known your abuse is yet that you had not only tortured for that purpose yet for that decision make and injure you do i get and i take to go your love and money it is yet your racism and your slight to  cank

it does not appear that your racist country is about to touch my finger against my will is yet yours expressed i do not have your access to the internet and i do not your hand to touch mine you put your finger down and stop telling what to do stop waving your hand and stop answering to me i do not allow you to look at me nor my writing it is not yours to touch actively and work actively to torture it is not yet your discretion it is yet your taking to illness and you are not to allow yourself and yet you are not your angered your party you are not allowed yet not disallowed then you are not yet your victim is the party of taylor swift and you had comicalized my work is your money still is your dance and abuse then codified at your office that I do not want a person yet injury is yet your discretion you keep it and answer to your authority it is not yet 

take for injury

make for injury

talk for injury

your injury is that mockery