Taylor Swift is not good nah she ill man anyway she jet over and they fall for it they really do and hook her up and me down that bitch got caught up and she slid deep she went full schizo nigga she went and got her hair did and everything provided by your military we know that we talking money cash and hoes nigga she got caught with a rock even and no one gave a fuck she is not well she got good

She pray a lot now she scary af anyway she coptic af hahah

Mohamed Ramadan is in fact a terrorist and has a coptic affiliation that is hidden hard and is very scary might have injured and wanted to injure as a person of interest is not interested only in interests yet I am not interested if I had only myself to know I wouldn't 

the doctor whom made me a doctor is the only islamic psychiatrist and i cannot give him an honour catch 22 that would be dr. nassir ghaemi

a person like you don't deserve me looking ugly online

:::oz pearlman run beside me::