abusers are evil, they suck a lot, and aren't kind, and instigated this attack on souls, spirits, saints is not to be accepted

you are a dirty animal, a filthy person, who is loved by evil people, so evil

do not hurt, is what you say, then you hurt others, &

hope always.

do not harm others, and do help people

you have a deranged mind, and you shouldn't be saved here, but you are.

because you won't be Saved.

You're going to burn in a fiery pit of hell, for being ridiculous, for the jeering, the backstabing, the touching of souls, disgusting, abusive

dangerous, scary, monstrous, atheistic, Satanic, fluent in hatred and how to kill, dangerously motivated by greed/avarice (separate concepts), abusive, pillager of ideas, killer of hope, destroyer, stupid soul, lazy hater, monstrous liar, hateful scared-one, purely hateful, disturbing, instigated by soulless hater, instigated by being emotionally vacant and corrupt, stop hurting people you stupid Satanic person, you are Scary, you abuse for fun, you shouldn't take advantage of others while you enslave, i do not want to talk to evil people, so please leave me alone and respect me, and give me due credit, praise God, and do not harm people like me, me only for now, because i am not a hero, who does this for others, stop messing with me and making me seem stupid, you are abusive and frightening, and i am obligated to inform you, and you are obligated not to be Satanic right now, because this is all illegal, and you shouldn't be allowed to walk on earth, as Satanism is a hateful thing, necessarily, which you need to repudiate, but I'm no pastor, and need you to stop this stupidity, which increases and amplifies violence, you scary Satanist, you worthless hater, you scary abuser, you scary fool, you little thing, you hateful thing, you disurbing thing, you stealer, you angry one, you destroyer, you pillager, you fraud, you angry souls motivated by Satanism, you abuser, torturing for fun, you scary persons, you gross people, you disturbing people, you lazy people who do not work hard, who hate, you are so ugly inside, you are so feral.

race attacks cut both ways, as both are rooted in Satanism, the opposite of Spirituality