i was famous

before i wasn't

and it doesn't mean that i hated you

it was a day

just a long day

now it's over

but it's never over, ok?

if it was, i wouldn't be

thank you to you

because you know

and i knew

it's the same thing

I love you.

it's said that time heals all wounds, so heal yours JUSTLY

Mina Sargious :)

if they ask you questions, it wasn't terrorist-related ; it was related to monkeys

hi alana

i'm me, it's you

get it? haha

me neither. i'll see you soon

i girl girlie

no codes

aye ye kanye i bn jasper and don crawley, i'll I will




the worst people

the absolute most shameful, people you are not associate with, or even contact. when they rape and assault and poison you, just remember that you are not the apple, it is them. Fuck you Satans, as you are no longer Satanists.

You purposefully drugs to kill, and put me in that harm's way.

I am not contagious, haha, but I am a contagion