you are liars. you don't deserve credit for my hard work. you stole my work. you killed me. you lied. you abused me. you are abusing me, and taking advantage of me. i work hard. you do not. this is not your work. don't mistake my resolve as their being completely sinless. these individuals are horrible. they are torturers and are sophisticated ones, and do it to feel great and to abuse with every way possible! they killed me, and are killing me, and are using people to do so, named Dr. Lilit Pogosian MD. And also sneaky people, who lie and abuse and torture you, by killing me! this isn't made up, they are evil, everyone involved, and make me seem weak, but they are the abusive ones, who aren't truly creative in any sense, but only in how to hurt others like me namely. interestingly, Taylor Swift The bodyguard, Greg Dent (who lied while saying something under oath, and lied a lot, and abused a lot of people, and isn't a saint, but a scary man who takes advantage of others and loses his mind and soul to do so..), is a former National Security Agency and Department of Defense worker who had Top Secret-level clearances while he worked for the government. He also trained at the National Police Academy (and use local police every time, and they sing her praises.) to protect her. People who destroy you, do so using your means of communication, to make sure you stay quiet, as well, and know your ins-and-outs but act like you are crazy, when you're sane always. do not lie to others, people without power, people who don't comprehend your manipulations of language, who know that lying isn't a way to achieve, who know that life needs patience and kindness and pacifism and always-friendliness and who don't cover things up and who know who they are from the start, and who know abuse is never multi-layered. yet i've yet to be contacted! isn't that weird isn't it isn't it isn't it is it not it is. this goes on and on, because those in power are enabled by each other and will not stop to save face and to abuse further, hopefully stopping me, or tricking me into insanity, and impelling me, impelling me, impelling me, impelling me, trying to anger me, but failing, because i'm the most patient, forgiving soul. they aren't the same; they aren't forgiving, they seek vengeance, all the time. it's a thing of theirs! no one will believe you, the abuser says, no one does, the victim thinks. so she he fights, endlessly, until no one does believe anyone else either, and no one is believed and belief is so important these days, it isn't a weapon, it really isn't, and don't take advantage of others' hard-earned selves to advantage yourselves. i actually deleted all of my domains when they scared me, and they really did, and they made me cry, and get thoughtful about how to help them even and to save their sordidness always and forever, making myself look small for them and them appear like angels, all of them, all of them, all the people, none were heroic, everyone never tried, or couldn't get far enough, and i'm not aware still, and i'm not dramatic, they are full of atheism and anger, emotions foreign to me forever, amid my pacifism and kindness and soulfulness and regard for lives, and i don't torture people just to do so, and don't scare anyone even. you doubled-down to try again when you first failed, and that failed, too, and you tried to kill me, because these are lethal weapons, but i'm strong, so they become torturous, horribly so, and danerously, not to others, not to my heart, but to my body, which decays everyday, and my strength dissipated, and my heart beats on, slower, slower, slower, arrythmia, slower, irregular heart beat, slower, written word, written words, written understandings, dialects, threats, and abusers, threats and scary people, scariness, threats, intimidation tactics, using strange people i don't know, people i've never spoken to, people are manipulated wholeheartedly into loving so much caring so much, preying on the good, to make them evil, but i work hard so hard to preserve spirituality and hopes that they don't have and they're corrupt and evil, everyone involved, as i've shown, people without spiritual cores, they tried to get away with it initially, but i saw them, and called in to see, while they were there, and found out BY FORCE a bit, but still not enough, i've never been contacted, i still don't know if they are real or not, because they're super evil, almost like terrorists, and they are, because they've destroyed so much life. they don't talk. they make me look criminal. they wait and and wait and wait and abuse this way, by tricking and keeping me guessing, what's next, what happened, is this truly something important, am i important, am i not. when you're where the buck stops, and you're a clandestine group, then a lot can happen to you, they're very particular, very smart, valedictiorians, and very wrong. when you don't have control over an abuser, you cannot fight back, and the abuser will become heroic necessarily, as you've seen. you can report to the medical board or other medical agencies and you'll be mocked, because you've been abused and stripped of your power forcefully, and made to be a child with autism spectrum disorder or a violently-tinged form of Aspergers Syndrome, and this isn't true. it is my years of computer experience that allow me to know how to use it properly and correctly and to save lives with it consistently and to know the depths of emotions needed to do so automatically disprove them, and they know that, and they lied, and committed an atrocity, as happens sometimes. i guess the victims are quieted, or people do not know. or both. or a combination, or they're not as smart, not so hard, not enough to fight back, but remember this: you do not abuse someone to make them strong; that is a rapist's mentality (be careful, young, vulnerable sorts), and it won't happen to you, because you're loud and angry, too, and always victimized, and this isn't something you should be afraid of, and know there are people like me, people who like you, too, and forgive and forget and forgive and forget, and try to learn from others' mistakes, but aren't self-destructive, and learn it's not good to be heroic, but to preserve the self; this is all old ideas, i've had, i am a genius, i am not stupid, i am not moody, and lilit is a low-level criminal aiding a high-level one, and this is bad. this is an individual thing, something i work hard to do, it is obligatory and i am a genius, i've transformed a lot of fields of study, and you aren't even aware, because they take credit for my hard work. psychiatrists do it for money; otherwise, they'd work to be friends, right after school. police are punitive, and have vengeful personalities, by nature, and power is its game, the same with politicians, who are known to be corrupted easily and who don't care, i'm not mollified supposedly, and i know the depths it takes to be needed to be that, because it is a field of interest i've studied, diagnosing from afar correctly, revolutionarily, and don't fall victim to slanderous people, you see how they work, you see the powers involved, they're so powerful and scary, and they're why abuse has continued, and goes on, because they know how, they've studied how, they are not innocent, the world hasn't changed that much, just a few years ago there were separate water fountains, and people take credit for your differences, to make themselves individualized, and i am not self-destructive and you destroy, and are destroying actively, to avenge yourselves and for mysterious causes. 

Let's analyze the DJ's smile. He has to compare it to his other smiles throughout his life. If he hurts someone, he will be angry, not smiling because anger is not associated with laughter - ever, and people shouldn't kill others to laugh at them afterwards, as she has, by mocking him, by making him feel bad: 

conduct a grim "grin" analysis.

“He stayed attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him,” Swift testified.

“It was a definite grab. A very long grab,” she added.

That photo was the only evidence besides the testimony (any testimony by people she has paid).

after she was groped, she told Mueller and his girlfriend, “Thank you” 

went to her photographer after the meet-and-greet 

When someone is sad, they don't harm you, so don't mistake kindness for weakness in everyone. don't insult yourself. you're worth more than a dollar, victims. your pain and suffering is worth more than a dollar. if someone harms you, then tell someone immediately. don't listen to her. you have to report immediately! you can't be someone who agrees. you have to fight back the right way, right away, so things don't escalate. you have to learn "no means no," which she never said. you have to learn not to make others feel unimportant and you have to fight the right way, with the police department, if not higher levels, and do not accept no for an answer if they don't believe you. You don't have to vulgarize your bodies. It is sacred. Her language is inappropriate, and you can call it what you want. You are entitled to autonomy, and not to be hurt - ever, and be sure that no one takes advantage of your boldness to behave inappropriately, not too conservatively and know that life means risks. You shouldn't involve your parents if they and please don't harm yourselves. That's very important. Self-harm always happens. Be cautious and careful, first and foremost, with your bodies. When someone stalks you, you will be hurt. You will be sad. These are definites. When you cry, your tears won't be heard. You will be hurt. You need to learn that when people stalk you and make you feel uncomfortable that you can lose a lot. You can lose your friends, your parents, and your dreams. BE CAREFUL WITH WHO YOU CHOOSE TO LISTEN TO, because their advice is fatal. DO NOT HARM OTHERS for your benefit, T, and be sure to never harm women and men who feel slighted. Believe people. Believe their stories. Believe that life can be improved, and people shouldn't lie to advance themselves, at your expense. It is a long-term and short-term goal of mine to stop bullying, and I hate people who are disguised bullies, because they inflict the most damage, and take your pains and sufferings to make themselves destroy others. Can you tell potential victims this for their safety, Ms swif t?