huh to know is to be, so saying that people hate always is pointless, and saying love is pointless is saying that life is (to note, that hatred doesn't change, but such mutable people are always angry), also that they hate everything and everyone: also suggeting that hatred moves, like a storm or wind, but a person doesn't call that kind of "dancing" movement, as such movements are always stormy, not to say that they cause sudden shocks, so shock value the shock value is never there anymore, always suggesting that shocking acts are not shocking to people who know truly shocking stuff; such shockingness! things like that are shocking to you? such shocking stuff and hateful people never will but always will know; do not harm others, do not want to harm others to become the harmful others, and never harm another who hates because people who hate do so without care, also suggesting that people who hate are always odd, and people who are always odd stay that way: unfortunate and meager (also, suggesting that oddness is a personality trait, and that is always related to the same kind of thing: malice (not mace, nor mason betha, a pastor before a rapper), and do know that puff is not necessary a treat, and those kind of treats are scary (but only to the fake real kind of person, like if i am fake i cannot suddenly realize a dream (haha, become real)

they call names, they call games; they want it the same, so they torture

this is currently a torture incident

with numerous faggots involved, namely abusers

they work together to do so, using all sorts of devils and tricks

the worst humans historically,

i want to personally dedicate a fuack you to this monster, and his asscoiates, who i dont' respect; fuck you you're going to HELL

you are notm e, fuck you lilit pogosian, you are a terorrist, as is the rest of the abuser involved, someone so feral to me, the abuser-in-chief just abusing for fun

it's disgusting

i wish the worst for the devil, u, and i wouldn't fuck you in a million years, slut

and i mean it wnen i say this: I reperesent God first, and i curse you to hell, young man, and i wish you the worst, i am the strongest, not gayest

fuck you, burn in hell

i'm the shit you'll never smell

i hate you more than ever

and i'm stronger for it

i hate you, little hater

you are disgusting, the devil

incarnate, untalentad and racist and stupid

so i don't fuck with you, i act this way, like a man, not a girl, because i know

a fuck you is permanent: and you are a fuck you to they,

so do know I know, how to raise, adn you to be disgusted, you're going to Hell

like your family,

and I'm not,

shame on you shame on you

and this is true this being who I am, a man who fucked oyu over pricks and pussies

that's on God, not on the devil you bathe, you fucking slut

on God

Lilit Pogosian Md is a racist like these individuals, one so disgusting and foreign to my kindness, so disgusting bad fighters, horrible liars, racists

Lilit Pogoisan MD is a racist, like the level of disgusting as that so foreign to my kindness, disgusting and racist

disgusting racist she is working with the FBI on this case, as that weird guy

MI6's Mina

this is an ongoing torture of MI6's Mina, contact them for help, busters