infrastructure destruction, and horrors taken advantage of, historically, represent souls, not people, and seek hope, permanently, and also restore hope, a feeling that isn't fleeting, but an action to act upon, something pure, not tainted, nor financially-motivated, and people who help people do not take bits and pieces from souls, trick children into thinking they're hotshots, misuse philosophical precepts to abuse others, vary fair and balanced, suicidality is not to be your aim in others, because when you rape financially, tears happen, tears of sorrow in the mentally ill you've treated to fancy places where they are confused, by definition, so do not approach strangers because omnipotence is not a Spiritual objective, stupid, and hating others, that's weird, uninteresting, who don't know how to act in social settings, where people are often tainted for the abuser's perversions, where people kill, not save, not scare, not abuse, not trick, not fear self-destruction, but encourage it, for world denial, and the Godly grace.