painters in particular are at cia torture site(s)s, and from other eras historically, this is one nature of my search and find mission

your son, is strange, in this field, and odd with strange mannerisms, and odd social behavior, necessitating urgent treatment, suggesting favors for abuse, and that may be part of r.w.'s deal, hurting me to advantage his family. not taking bribes, but winks and nudges, to keep me medicated, from the apa, to gift his ugly son basem wasef, with galore, and fuck off, you fucking autistic weirdos. it's not about you, it's about my emotions, you unintelligent fucks.

this is the worst humani nhstory, amertican

trash, boring, pathetic

and the same as you, worthless, insignificnat, and lustful

for me, not to have,

it's not what i want,

and i hope you die, every single one of you, you're disgusting feral and way too much

and with your to have our, is not hours, virginia didn't dei for this, you stupid ignorant americans

tasteless, garish, and pointless, not to be escaped

so as you celebrated today, you will alwasy wil,

nothing will change, and you'll be destroyed

the united states of america is at war again, forewarning, it is not going to be easy, and will be expensive, i will not pay for your war, and i need you to stay away from my family, as we are protected against you, by God, against yours, not me, not you, and ours, against yours, the disgsuting atheist and agnostic America

He was ordained as Bishop Tawadros on 15th June 1997 by His Holiness the late Pope Shenouda III, the 117th Patriarch of Alexandria, as a General Bishop


if faith in you,

is faith in me, then you,

I wouldn't be happy

not unhappy

and odd you all are not,

only are, differently worded, i don't like you, nor your, and want your to know

you are known

to harm

you are harmed

to harm and you have harmed,

to know,

it was harmful

to do so to wait in pain

only to enjoy ecstasy

of our, is your,

to know it was there

is there

to there, for there, with there,

and you are there,

to know it is and was  not but is not and

will you not be yours, to know,

it was so harmful

of yours, and your, and 

i do like to know you like you already are unknown, to have known you are the person

to have yours and your, and our, and ours

it's really not that complicated and you brought guns and knives and badges and priests and blocked my accounts had planes ready for salt pit-esque places, it's alright

i know what you want, and i'm not gonna give it you, unless you want it

solution murder1: take off your clothes, and take it like women do

or play coy, like leroy on the street, i'm homeless, not houseless, bitch

cripcall4, bloodsp_lit88, r(0,)<-~

both priests are known on the radar as murderers of childrens parent and parental helper, knowingly harming to make dead bodies and eat bodies

at church in patronesses hard your heart to know it is not yours to worry about my death nor my life and alos

your not to arrive with yorur friend to coast blvd murder both and happily doing church and funeral together the next day at church you have  afuneral planned you need to talk about that

Mina Samir Sargious, 1984 • November 18 • HTV 2023-2024.