false to impress, to make an image out of fakeness, not strengths

people who hurt others do not care, as she doesn't espouse any aspect of self-disrespect, only to aggrandize her self-worth, to feel again, to mock, and torture violently, to displace anger, and replace it with malice ok alice you're scary handle it, a sentence, but it don't matter, cause the same shit happening everywhere, muslisms code for 5150 all them go, and they know that, lilit know that she did so they even got procedure and making people mad threatened kinda scary but high-key angry all the fucking time, like she fucks to suck, and she doesn't give a fuck, like she'll fuck us up just to do so common here is the theme that she a winner but it a different word ima leave it like that that kinda scary to make me say like she made me say and blame-shifting

nigga she called us back, and she got scared and ran no message like she done did before she acting hard too like split back shit with a pick off her kinda deal like a bit of back shit