they are using me as a model of mental health treatment against muslisms worldwide, abusing me with every combined cia torture program tactic, as a means to eradicate islam

i am healthy, the healthiest, so they chose me; middle easterners never get mental health treatment, so they used me as a model

starting at uc, when they sent 11 up to be raped and tortured intentionally with us government legal sorts, still not forgiven for that

lilit pogosian md was specifically chosen with their weird tactics, abusing other(s)s worldwide, including Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, choosing rape over True Spirituality of him, who you can contact to see what they did to Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison over the years

they also chose the obvious civil rights leader in the area, persecuting every day, with violent described

Mr. Pfizer was chosen for a reason, the man is racist, like Matty Healy

lilit pogosian md is the most racist, disgusting, slutty person, just like taylor swift, abusing me as a toy, but as i said I am not a fucking toy

as a governmental official, representing FBI, like UC Irvine's Shiva Taghdis and friend and others involved like UCPD, United States violently supposedly she is classified as FBI torturer, in my discovered program against me, MI6's Mina

it is not right for this torture to spread beyond "stateside" to A Holy Country

i keep on saying disgusting which they rape with "gus" as they did before, because it's just the same, just prolonged

By participating in war in Israel financially supporting ostensibly and that's what matters, this is considered FBI torture of Middle-Eastern

so aggressive and abusive that they fake(d)d me out, like saying oh it's just something small, haha got you (but it's so gross ,, suggesting that they want-ed to get away with it, so just the same as I've described before, taking drastic measures, which are fake, just to watch me die and torture and get away

fbi needs to stop trying to mlk jr murder

CIA did hire Gina Haspel knowing she was under criminal investigation in Germany, like FBI lead on the case, Donald Trump's chosen, agreed to by Biden and staff up there, and avoiding any responsibility for killing Islamic women worldwide, you're echoing

as a result, they put children in risk of grave danger (by not believing me), and raping simultaenously - akin to Michelle Langer's torture of all innocent women and men, through their Pfizer guy Marilyn Manson

that trafficking post was meant to torture evan rachel wood, FBI-CIA-Similars, and as a victim called asking for you to help me, I found that repulsive, terrorist(s)s do not even rape but you are a terrorist(s)s mocking with Lilit Pogosian MD

FBI Los Angeles is alive and running, on tv all the time, on the news, and I'm not into it, it's just rape and torture, and I don't do this for fakes, and I wish the worst outcome for satanists, it's my duty as a Christian, a history that's longer and more codified than FBI-CIA-Similars

As such, you are subject to fair FBI-CIA-Similars treatment, which has to be worse than that, but what's than that, fucking psychos

it's an ongoing 90-10 rape, with all energy going there, still torturing me, and all Their Innocent Victims

the olympics are soon and this was to torture other gymnasts who knew too much, too soon :(