Marilyn Manson is trans, and not proud of it, but it's so obvious that he is a transvestite

Taylor is not human, she is an animal who kills, she is racist, a homophobe, a narcissist, and a psychopath. she works with the 

people who kill do so because of perversions, people who kill do so because they're perverted psychopaths, people who kill hate abuse, but are the abusers, people who kill are racists, people who kill are Satanists, people are Devils, people are Killers, people are not adherents, people at poor companies do that, people at big companies do that, people at poor companies are dead inside, people are liars, people are evil, people are not me, people are not you, people are them over, people are over, people are not over, people who kill hate, people who kill destroy, people who lie kill, people who kill lie, people who destroy lie, people who lie kill, people who kill lie stupidly to evade their sins, people who kill try hard everyday, idiot and uninteresting dark(ness), and people who kill die, and people who kill aren't cruelly motivated, but by lack of interest in society, and by foolish ways, by psychopathy, by Lilit, by midget dicks (which is who you are), you are awful beyond measure, fools for the Devil, and liars for yourselves, not your souls, and that's hateful! disgusting

i am not a toy, asshole, a man to be played with, a fool, nor am I a narcissist, unlike you, who are all of the above, and your ways have been instructed to the FBI's chief of staff at once, because you powerless souls initiated a terroristic attack to kill souls, and it is over and done to be seen through, that your attack will not just be cerebral, not just unmotivated, but disgusting, as well, and I don't subscribe to your newsletter anymore, silly perv, silly soul, dummy, dark-as-hell-inside, dumb-lover, fool for being an idiot, fool for whom? ?

I am not a toy, I am not to be toyed with, I will not be that, because your idiocy is not something I like

you are stupid, lazy, dumb

terrorist, you are not endowed, inspired

you are, basically, mid-

(not range, nerd)


any one


wholeness is important, but you're fragmented, which is so stupid, and ugly

i do not tolerate abusers, nor disturbances of peace, my peace is not yours, you

Taylor Swift is not that dumb, but she is very, very evil, and she does a lot of damage to life in the world. She even brings her soul to destroy, and she is evil, she is not smart, at all, and she is disgusting in real life, because she isn't her self, she is another self, she wants to kill for fun sometimes, and she does things like this sometimes

These are evil people, not Godly sorts, and this is happening, she is evil, and she isn't her self, she is Taylor Swift's friend Tree Paine, a former employee of Marilyn Manson, Brian Warner

These are individuals working with Taylor Swift in tandem, she is a racist, a diagnosed pathological liar, and an abusive woman, she is evil and she will kill you for money, like she did to me, she is a racist, like her father and she is ugly inside