i am not your toy, you fucking scary person, you lying ass trick, you pussycat, you threetimer, you concluded scariness without being a scaredy cat, pussycat, or streetcat, you wananbe rockstar, you a great big world admirer, you lover of drugs, you feral dog, you hater, you wannabe lover-idolizer, you feeler of false dreams and aspirations and someone who knows how and why and somehow the meaning of life by fooling around dumbly, blindly destroying, falsely portraying yourselves as heroes to your victims' families, who die because of pedophilikes like you. I am not someone who knows much, but from what I can tell you assisted and abated, you struck another person's soul down just for kicks, almost driving many insane, taking many to hospitals, your parents hate you, and I don't fool around with Watch Appraisers, distanced folks, angry rebels, anarchy-fans Lovers of Bloodiness and goriness, fake innocent, bullier, Belly (xo) does not mean he's a drug dealer, and also, if someone steals a soul, it often goes unnoticed, because in the world of life, some people laugh at others, while others pursue mad ideals, madness as a motif only, and the disfigurement of bodies, laughing at dying children, infants, and pregnant bellies, often, and typically 

(fullness, anger, dumbness, stupidity, strangeness, foolishness, despondency, torture, toughness, challenges, mitigation crisis management teams, losing hearts, killing spirits, not celebrating at Spirit! Halloween, only mocking those who fly Spirit Airlines, just because yours is a garish one, without a chandelier, a magic carpet, a genie, nor a magical lamp. Do not mock people for their strengths, but only because your stupidity is evinced in your abuse. You may NOT. You may NOT eat garlic knots in that outfit, young one, and you will never steal to dare others to become racist. 

Talking down to anyone is disgusting, but when you talk up, pretending to be inferior just to flex your abuse, that's going too far, is scary, and you are scared, always, dummy, dishonest! Please don't pretend, don't hide, don't run, and don't walk, you are scary, violently-motivated always, which is unusual, 

A person in your position shouldn't be a natural disturbance, but that's what you are, a fool to abuse, thinking your supremely ignorant self will defeat innocence, it won't, obviously, and you, my fake want-to-be friend/enemy, will never see clearly again, because you've driven so many positive people to the cliff's edge, to eat muddy Cliff bars, stealing their energies, 

just to insult. You are an evil. You are so scary. You need to be stopped? Do you know that abusers don't prosper, well, you should. But your psychopathy fogs that perspective, seemingly, and you lack any sense of purpose, love, temperance, goodwill, and more. So, before you think about bullying another potential victim, think of why you are so vain and vulgar, idiotic. 

Ridicule isn't fun to be the victim of, mister, miss, misses, others. You are not to steal to win, you are not a person, even, you are less than a human, a subhuman, a reflection of cavemen, a monster, disguised as someone who cares. You are scary. You abuse others, to propel, to steal, to win, to torture, to thrill yourself with another obscenity. You are not a person I know, and I've shown that so often, but you keep sliming your way through holes, wholly, 

When someone starts to talk to you and you abuse by reflex 

you've lost you. You mustn't obey a brutal person, someone without any tact, a fraud, an impure thing.

stop abusing others, respect yourselves, don't embarass wholeness, do stay strong friends, but do not torture people, evil souls, and such, because your abuser is always the victim...the victim will not retaliate? do victims get angry? what causes anger? what causes rage? are black people happy? are yellow people content? are brown people confusing? are others strange? are certain people melancholic? are happy people crazy? are sad people listless? what is a feeling, at the end of the darkness, the conclusion of one's day, is it something meant to make you cry, or something meant to make you stronger, through your own failures, and do not steal hearts for fun, always remember that

Feared persons aren’t to be trusted, and fearful persons are always loved by the feared. It is an abuse cycle, that continues and is perpetuated, often. Do not abuse others, tempt others with lust, lead others on, trick people, abuse souls, take advantage of people for any reason, let alone saying things without clarity, of course, destructively, hopelessly, unrealistically, to torture and fabricate later : people shouldn’t accept narcissists to quiet others down. You are an abuser, madame and sir, foolish, arrogant-talentless-destructive. Do not abuse others, it is not sound, smart, or cool. Abuse is scary, so don’t propagate it, either . People who take advantage of the seemingly weak, restricted minds, these people harm. I will not tolerate abuse. I will not tolerate madness. I will only tolerate peace and quiet. People who harm do so intentionally, without fail, always, . Do not kill people, do not laugh if you see someone down and out. That sort of abuse is feral and scary. People who abuse others are frightening. They shouldn’t be, though. That’s why anyone who does strange abuse tactics is ultimately brought to justice. Thanks, abuser, for teaching me the in’s, how’s, out’s,  and why’s. Your behaviors have been abhorrent, willing-sinner, scary, moronic


Abusers do not win. They ___, and, moreover, unattractive people are responsible for all the world’s calamities. Do not seek fame through abuse, nor money through abuse of power. Anyone who does so is robotic. Robot-much? Do not play the robot game. 

Stop harming others.

Stop abusing others.

Stop abusing Jewish people.

Stop abusing Mexican people.

Stop abusing Smart people.

Stop abusing Orthodox Jews.

Stop abusing Victims.

Stop abusing Money, and People Who Have Money, But Who Earned It.

Stop abusing those who are bruised, those with lacerations, those who hate hatred, those who are saintly victims.

Stop abusing the fat.

Stop abusing those who like to eat food.

Stop abusing narcissistic abuse book writers and their families.

Stop threatening.

Stop demeaning.

Stop hurting people, Taylor Swift, LLC, too.

Stop killing.

Stop destroying - to ameliorate your own lot.

Stop abusing.

You are a criminal, legally, and will be pursued, legally.

This is not for money, but for justice, love, not revenge.

You are free to mock her, with adulation, but her story is not yours, it is internal now.

Your ability to laugh and cheer her on, however, is not to be praised, as you are not victims, only abusers. Everyone involved will not have a chance to ask for forgiveness, because of your danger to others (not yourselves).

Your best step forward, as readers, is to move forward, and ignore. The situation is actively monitored, of course. The FBI is my friend, and yours. I do not namedrop, and do not appreciate the misuse of the FBI, illegally, in lyrics.

Take good care. 

Believe others, and believe in your self.

You are not to be tortured, nor are you to torture.

Those programs are reminders of what happens to your reputation after doing so.

Please see to it.

Get away from art, stay away from artists, and you will not be, while I will be, and other selected victims, also.

This is a long-winded thing, so it requires your patience. Any attempt to stop this process is illegal, and has been noted. Take your friend, love your heart, and don’t abuse.

Abuse has a long and storied history, as do abusers. This is the effect, to stop it, not prolong it. Your abuse is noted, also, and anyone who abuses is treated justly. That justice is perfect. Love is forever, and always.