By not doing anything or actions, you are admitting how racist you are, oh he's stupid like they say

they fake documents so easily, like we said he ain't do nothing, and laughed with an emoji kiss

working as a family unit, perhaps with any other person, to avoid individual responsibility, like never at once he said

Welcome to Camp Justice, Mina!
 1st site of many, but two highlighted today, with a www or without the m you type it in the search bar (not Google)

"Holocaust survivor testimonies"

As this is the Holocaust, I will need to free some United Kingdom citizens, held hostage, so they're some names we have, starting with...

we have some names of potential hostage-takers, at least temporarily, and we have the names of some negotiators, adding more to the list, and are seeking the full and immediate release and names and complete information regarding MI6 agent(s)s involved, so as to not cast blame on MI6, as this behavior is not condoned, and will not be blame-shifted

Any information regarding detainees and their captor, and/or new/former locations is to be provided to the United Kingdom, immediately, through their official channels, only. Please be aware there is an international line, and the country code prefix, when dialing, and texting is active on lines, if anonymity is sought. For Arabic speakers, feel free to type in Arabic, or if in America, to use English-Arabic, or to try your best. Especially connections to me, MI6's Mina "Abdul is a possible identity."

MI6's Mina

*protection is provided by force by United Kingdom, to counteract any bad actor, interested, and those names are to be provided to and all connected information, regarding me, MI6's Mina, for my immediate and full protection, as the human trafficking incident was foiled by Godly sorts, and security for any United Kingdom official protecting, too, and similar security to be provided at your expense, as The Innocent are preserved by United Kingdom historically, and By Necessity

Do not withhold information, and do not cooperate with and/or without hostage-takers and their destroyers, especially not me, as I am a lead on the case :/ 

hidden pretty well for so long, and this counterattack to your own attack is disgusting, and for any family members, to be protected similarly, as well as Father Andrew Hanna to be Prayed With, as a Spiritual Father, who prayed, against you, with Us, and for Them, and Us, For Us and Them, For God

these sites are not sights which is the proper word secret cia black sights, and their stupidity is evinced in using them actively, and blameshifting actively, concomitantly raping, and saying i haven't done the work myself, raping further, and still under constant threatening to, using people as weapons, like i didn't right that man, he's harmless kinda nigga, ain't no hard hater, like the ones abusing and laughing actively manipulating, blaming and taking credit and threatening to do so and threats, using others, that are fake, but are they real

they are not working together, but obviously against, as this hidden from 20 years of abuse, thank you MI6/MI5 for saving whom is he scary like scaring you or me, is he a threat, then why are you threatening us, but perhaps you need a good doctor, well they're on the line (so to speak) with me right now, just to say that I'm fine thanx and praise how if you threaten me religiously i'll threaten back i fight back when it comes to revenge, for sure, i'm strong and gutsy, but i don't mess up, ever, because you do

hacking so you're confused if you think twitter is a safeplace, blame elon, as usual, and so to avoid blame