now i fight back against you terrorists. with your false id taylor swift. you are a terrorist yuo are not me, a war hero from the united kingdom none of you, it is just me out there, only me, doing all the art bullshit, it isn't your craft to wreck, and my ship to not sail, i'm the captain of my ship motherfucker don't laugh at a nigga and i told once is too many times. she is using my identification she got my id put her on blast on then take her out pull her knickers down it ain't about anger it's about rage now i told you get my money and do it without asking now I ask you are you a terrorist and yes you are because you worked with your terrorist cell and it does not amtter yet you are using a fake id and obviously another racist idea came upon me i want you to give my writing credits and i just got them because you are terrorists and that is not your anme you have my name it is not spelled differently accented racistly, it is my work, you are a person whom used my identity and you used another to steal the work of my identity you will be giving my writing credit by force with no attorney nothing just sheer fucking sweat take it down and make it fast no one around to take my work with a false identification that ain't about a personal terrorist, take me to gitmo get your black salt and take it ghost detainee pepper me up and slide down this is not you you are a terrorist using my identification it ain't yours to play, take it down make it fast and know that I am your victim and I am your subject both, brand new take it your work my work change the name or give me your money it is yet mine no terrorist allowed near my ear nor my i am not allowed to scream yet 

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