Hallo is the proper way to greet a stranger. the church has ordered this: You may not enter. You may not partake virtually nor through third-parties. Your abuse is not tolerated, and you have been banned, for pretending. You may not lie. You may not sin. Moreover, God is unafraid when he destructs Devils. So, I'm unfraid, and I'll stay that way, unlike you. You will stay cowardly, forever, as you are Anti-christ, people who abused have already tried to kill, so you may not think about anything but the pains you've inflicted upon others. You are dangerous to Spirituality, but Spirituality is stable. You are a fraud, a cheat, a deceitful witch, warlock, aggressive sinner, poor, vacant, and confused. Your illiteracy is no excuse, your inability to comprehend is no excuse, as the Devil is your Stupid Guide, regressive, not progressive, and a Terroristic Killer of Truth, just like you and yours, so do be careful, do be wary, as I am of you. Peace to my brothers and sisters, but not you, only chaos, as that's your domain, pitiable Devil. This order is official, much worse than in writing, because your spiritual core is unaffected by the laws of kings and queens, insane, circular, dumb Anti-christ.

you are a scary abuser and look nice on the outside only, you are so scary, you are so abusive, so evil, so disgusting and nasty filthy horrid nasty artless uncreative! i think that you hate everyone, not only me. you are full of narcissism. you are full of yourself. you are lying. you are hateful. you are scary. you make no sense. you look like someone who hates her own fucking body, and that's scary. you are a self-abusive, self-aware, monstrosity, that masquerades as a hero, but are really the anti-hero, as well. make sure, that you are not to be talked to, that you are talked to, that abusers never prosper nor win, and you are worthless, so horrid, so scary, so intimidating, so demeaning, so dishonest, so hateful, cowardice personified, a pleasure-seeker, also, a man, not a girl, a person, not anything else, just a humdrum thing, someone without internal meaning nor purpose . Abuser, listen; you may not. You will not, and this is entirely objective, and your abuse is not unnoticed, and has ripple effects, like creating racist sentiments in America and abroad, as your activity was purely rascist, and, thus, I do not forgive you nor your handlers, and I will not seek retribution, only justice, but not precisely, because love is stronger, and you will be loved, not wantonly nor aggressively, fool for your self-hatred, your hatred of another, abuser. You are so scary, so very scary, a fickle person, one who will not be a part of my brain any longer. In God's holy name, I banish you to the deepest, scariest corners of known, named, recognized, tricky, hateful, narcissistic, blame-shifting, guilt-tripping abusers. I hate you. You made everyone scared, you made me look stupid, and you are a racist, ma'am. I'm going to need her psychoanalyzed by an expert in morose beings, subjugative sorts, abusers who kill spirited, funny ones, who are not to be objectified nor jeered at, just for pleasure. You are scary! You are so very scary, so hateful, hurtful, moronic, and inane, someone who I would never talk to after finding out how horrid you actually are within, beneath, and in your expressions, mannerisms, behaviors, predilections, vulgarity. You are so very evil, hateful, abusive, scary, sociopathic, a wolf in sheep's drab, a person who I hate, and I never hate, for anyone, nor for anything..Do not harm people, just for laughs, you are a CIA Torturer, who knew how to abuse and be racist, and that's unforgivable - always to me, and always forever, you morose woman! I am not your plaything, nope, you aggressive person, you liar, you abuser, you killing machine, who doesn't respect boundaries, nor have any idea of proper etiquette, and I do not tolerate misogyny, as it is rooted in maternal hatred, so please see to it that you treat women better, whomever else you've decided to afflict, scary. You are so scary. You are so very scary, so very terroristic, vulgar at your heart, and I've asked every priest I know, and truly religious person, who knows Spirituality, to reject you and yours. As a result, you may not enter the following churches, as you pose a direct threat, and have been actively trying to burn them; The Church of God's Prayers, by Alanis Morissette. Do you know of people who hate others without cause, people who discriminate, people who dismantle souls, like Colin Ferguson, well, that's you, and you are so cowardly and aggressive y'all, so stupid, so violent, so fickle and poor. You are not to talk to me again, and any attempt to cross boundaries will result in more spiritual infractions. And, one more thing, you may not contact. Me. There. You may not contact me here. You may contact me there. You may only contact us, without, not within. You are a soulless, spineless thing, an abuser of all, a pervert at your heart, a pedophilic cancer. You are never to talk to me again, nor the truly Spiritual, as you've been cancelled in a church and that has lasting ramifications on your entire worlds, as God isn't an atheist, and you are a violator of every cardinal sin, in one swoop, everyone there. So, please, I beg of you, Spirituality-Cavewomen/men, Devilish Cowardly Sinner, you are to stay away from us, the whole. You are a devil, a fickle clown, a spineless Cannibal, and I will not forgive you, so do not try. And any further attempts at spiritual abuse, slander of others, emotional corrosions, narcissistic baiting and gaslighting, hostility, these are spiritual things that I cannot pardon, you are over. Your spiritual candles have been extinguished officially, and it's done in God's Kingdom, for Him alone. You are banished. Take cair, be cairful, try to stay away from the spiritual in the future, as the Spiritual know to stay away from you, Cowardly Devil-s. In the name of God, you will be the fool, the attempted God-killer, the exaggerator and, know that you have to trust others in the future, trust innocence, not rape others in all sorts of ways, you pillaging lowlife, you coward, you freak, you liar, you dumbass, you loser, you hateful thing, you horrid horror, you lover of aggressors, you self-protector/not God-lover, you Freak, you clown, you dumbass, you easily offended bitch, stay the fuck away from me, and I will not deal in your ways, as they are Evil, and will inflict a Spiritual curse that is new. You are now a walking rabbit, a clown who cannot attend circus, a pervert who cannot touch your own children, a failure of academia, a monstrous pedophilic antichrist who will let others spit at you and accost you in public and, in private, you will be tortured for your abuse, you will not triumph, and I am trustworthy; you are not. You are the opposite: a known liar. That is all, young people and souls. You are over. Your spiritual life is decayed beyond repair, and you are disadvantaged. You may not contact me. You may not contact us. The church has rejected you and those who made you, so that's all. Take care, and bad luck. Shame on your families, shame on your enablers, shame on your friends, shame on your witchcraft/and deathly warlocks, stay away, don't assume I love you because I hate you. You are the opposite. You are the Known Antichrist, active in the world today.