You made your choice America, against manic depression

I proved it wins

I proved God wins

This is historic

You stupid narcissists, all Swifties and Mansons, are going to HELL

Mina wins

you stupid fucks

stupid doctors

stupid governors

stupid fbi

stupid academics, particularly University of California

stupid cia

once you kill one person's innocence, you are hellbound

and I repudiated you devils, so you're going to Hell

they keep trying to prove I'm insane to make morbid points, CVS UPS all these fucking companies disgusting rapists

lost everything this way, choosing 

Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison wins, not Dr. Nancy Burley

Dr. Francisco Ayala wins, not Dr. Kenneth Brown

usa continually tried to make look like a handicapped terrorist, well i'm not, and you're enabled not handicapped