i'm really sad

for a lot of reasons

i am not ok i am not ofuckingok

my friend over there is sad

for a lot of reasosns

i am not ok i am not ofucking ok with him being sad

i want him to become happier, but everytime he does, she does something weird, like "are you ok? is Sandy Hook Promised like The Holy Land? or is that land my land, by force, sort of stuff, not really; this is more about abuse and rape and torture, and is nothing new, nothing sudden and is overlayed from pedophilia and conjoined, as that's the nature of pedophilia, violent attempts to take innocence, it is a more accurate term when applied to True Adults {Committed}


friends do not


enemies of my friends (please don't! a friendly enemy doesn't exist, nor do people who hate the helpers, like us, and there are so many more, hidden and manifest sorts too, especially, actually, they go on missionary trips and show up heroically, but it's only ostensible, so as to say those kinds can be extreme, often exhibiting signs of faux friendliness intentionally, and intent to harm is so obvious so scary

people who hate do so without a reason, so they're not thinking, they're just doing, that kind of provacative language is conducive, meaning it's used to protect and codify such weird behavior, often invoking legal action to enforce, but such enforcers, like fake cops and legal officials are actual, and can be extremely damaging, exacting physical injuries if need be, so do know that

if you need advice do seek it, as people like us work so hard, are so disrepsected, but intentionally, we have to let you know meaning we have to let you go know, so when i let you go, i'll let you know that you're going far away, to see a far away thing, kind of people, too, so those whimsical sorts are always frightening, often scaring kids into doing, and people into making them do so, so to be aware of your surroundings is not the issue, it's the surroundings of those people, the world and physical changes in environment that are super-subtle, such changes are minute, very difficult to detect, almost impossible, so do not try to approach them on your own accord, moreover do not disrespect your parents, they love you, and always be kind and kinder and kinder 

((our friends here: we're fine, it's a thing we're doing, and also please be aware that this fuck this fat fuck is ok, and i'm better))

(((i am fine, finer, and finest.))) do not approach with caution

people who harm do so with chagrin, so chagrinly i don't chagrinly the little things lily allen does is so unique, the little curses and so smart and innovative, but it doesn't necessarily give value to domestic abuse