cVS PharmaCy has money Connections to bitCoin kids, in weird new apps

they get paid direCtly to fuCk people up

drug bottles often switChed at last seCond Changed labels

many drugs are just brainwashing drugs, not even soporifiCs, that Could've helped otherwise

even the cholesterol ones

and the new ones Can brainwash, based on past, or kkkill instantly

using the brainwashed, not even sleepy, people

all the Corporations gotta proteCt their investment, proteCt their Swift Cause she got Caught, and involved to friends' bitCoin aCCounts in other Countries

they do it people in jail

sent little Coptic monks anyone reCently "die" to get fuCked up at a site dediCated to middle eastern Christians 

do it to people like doris day soCial aCtivists all the time

the doCtor they have on deCk is fuCking sCary, will just psyChopathiCally kill in a high-end hospital

and everyone attorney espeCially poltiCal ones Closest paid and i got reCeipts niggers just my pain (say)

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