look a monkey is here, he is real and scary, and talks, i'm from "a" and "a" it is funny looking, he is real, you are goldilocks, and he tigger, it's really bad, look call him "a.i." "abuse" and "t.i." "abuser" and he will start screaming, he is insane, and a terorrist, looking for help, he is missing in action from his parents, and is sitting raping and killing "no" "no" and with severe tactics, such as threats and bad language "curse him" these are slower thinkers, from the developing regions, and need to stop, this password is not free, nor are you free to tamper with published data, it is headed by the FBI-CIA-Similars, and will stop now {any effort to stop not will kill you}

"Monks" are not to be mocked, you abuser and abusers, and your "brotherly" love, is so disrespectful and strange to me, you are like terrorist sympathizers

if i had any interest in stargate i would've fucked your mom instead, you little fucking stealers of russia fucking weirdos, you're supposed contact heads of state, not be terrorists, that's why i'm cooperating with authorities, unlike you, submit all datawork that's ongoing from different governmental offices, all operating illegally, and not with the person whom is doing all the hard work here, alone, waiting, for you to get better, and it's not right, nor wrong, it's simply immoral and requiring a response, you have the list of united kingdom officials on google.com

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