The United States Government is holding its president hostage and I found the president myself these racist fucks want to take credit after and brutalize currently erase me entirely destroy me financially and embarass me wholeheartedly, well you crazy evil fucks, I'm a clandestine agent from the most elite spy agency in the world, MI6, and I've freed so many of your hostages from before and after. So this government is mine, you stupid fucks. You're going to be tortured immensely, and I guarantee you're going to suffer for torturing Joe Biden, this is not your country, you will automatically fix things? Continue to call Mina Sargious crazy? No, you are lying pieces of shit, and terrorists, holding Joe Biden medically hostage with chemical torture. You are a terrorists, and are fucking racist as fuck, I fucking hate you, I saved the country not your hatred.

Apr 16 2024 10:52 AM PST Los Angeles, CA

Joe Biden is being held hostage by the United States Government and was located by MI6, against the chemical torturers racists and Swiftys, they need to concede the country, now, and also to torture those involvements on the news elsewhere i am not crazy you racists disgust me

With each passing second of your torture you injure yourselves as Americans and racists I tell you Joseph Biden III was located my Mina Sargious, not the United States miliatry, you are going to hell you torturing him, still, holding him hostage but in a different way, by torturing me and my family, trapped here by chemical order, you are going to Hell and a bad one because you're torturing, pretending to be victims, oh he's a proud girl, excuse me? you're going to hurt you disgusting racists

you disgust me as people as women and men who cannot even bear to say hello to me the one doing it all youre the worst humans alive absolutely and you have to ask is this true is it real wow what can i do to protect myself from being the worst person alive to my friend who is the worst person alive

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