Get mINA's A NEW milloon home near the beach in a place of new york it is so nice so spacious so comfortable so accomodating so friendly seemingly not tortUoUs and respectful not hateful, and I do not hate you, mollify your moods, nor enhance mine, and your torture is so brutal, that you don't care, even those whom aren't familiar with me, so you go and dance and drink tonight at your bar, without me and why did I not know you to have harm in your blood and my peace is not your sweat and tear is not your violence so please be respectful and also know your harm is heal and mine is not you are so scary and my RETICENT temperament doesn't allow that yet you go on and happily so drink and dance and leave without saying you're welcome. it isn't so sudden as yesterdays nor abrupt as todays only this is tomorrows

if you give me moneys i give you art it is hard without money you cannot eat you live alone and wonder is he writing again talking ot himself on the computer at is your and yours to not contact only third party to torture effect is a sad day again with no congtact -Los Angeles, CA

type in songs.cm and musicvideos.cm and recordingss.COM and https://www.ily.cm/ily-cm/weirdoes  and kanyevultures.com and https://www.selftimer.net/well-then-yes i'm mina and i don't got shit i got raped guantameno bay'd and salt pitted fucking scary hi tara hi sam redline hate them and i hate you gina haspel ytour daughter thanks lilit pogosian md nileqtpie 30 years of pain isn't enough to even be contacted once yet entered my phone stoling all my work and preventing me from commiunicating after rape/hostage/and your ugliness please confirm that I am not going to light the church on fire, hacking my rainn mails for your amusement and still no answer provided by the fbi and cia after how long has a it been you and yours are not to be, yet are so horridly only third party you stupid fucks you click the three lines (horizontally striped for each hatred of your pitiable natures) and your terorism is yours to have and not mine to partake in your fitlh and rape is not your culture of mine, you inferior and blankly-tinged men and women, only my colourful is not yours you are horrid and rancid, per your white and black trash, you ignorant slow fucks you are not victims, you give me my damn money, you agressive strange sorts, are your and your mothers and fathers worse than you and your grandmothers and grandfathers, you little red bitch it's your version and you are not raped nor stupefied you celebrant of rapes drunk off my fumes and angry with your antediluvian emotions and I have to put the pieces back together you violate my computer and phones, you are pitiable robots, and lacking in emotion and sensibility of virginia's, so you pussy singing in your car with your kid fuck you you stupid as fuck and stripping of all the rights you give your stupid americans, whom I'm not to be proud of, you fucking disgust America, fat ugly and skinny, pointless and loquacious and you are pussies to be bled on the floor with your bitches dancing like sluts and men harboring hatred and moods niggers enjoyed it while it went down and expect to get up after 30 years and forgive you pussy diseased lazy coddled americans  fuck you to death you're not victims andi 'm the hero and it ain't my story you pussies hi at the last minute hurry it's too late get wed and fuck over you cunts too scared to even look at my eye you all are rapey's and enjoyin it like a bunch of fucking mark david chapman's you oxygenated through my moods, that ain't right, you're such sluts and niggers you're taking too long dancing to my cri and my and not your and yours not mine to know anger enough to express it you are so pitiable and disgraceful and i need my money now, not later, and you take long and  you want more so impoverished emotionally to not understand mine souls of your racist tyrant is not enough to be measure in your treatment of me? then, very well, of mine, i've told you to kill yourselves for posterity's sake, even, not for yours and your and i've always been kind to myself, not self-desrtuctive and not panic mode, yet you do, so much to harm me, in secret, painfully strike me as your fake angel is not me enough for your spirituality to devolve into you whom you aren't, me, a kind soul, whom I'm not, enough to yours to have then you and yours to be modeled on my anger is not your to experiecne and i never had you to know and i you are to know i am the ahte to have you are your and you are a pitiable culture, lacking in colours, only for yourselves and money and sex and alcohl and sdrugs adn rpomiscuity, how dare your assocation be so cunning as to not enjoy the torture you inflict you cannot the anwer the un torture, and as diseased dicks and vaginally ill pussies do, enjo y your tortrue is not my province, to inhabit

you listened to the album, you give me mony, no one e-maisl me they antedluvianly ayour is yhours to know you are torture to not sexually torture is your province of hatred and loverd block all them i give you the email and you delet and invade agaianst you are not to know my are's is your torture to know and know's and you are your's to you and yours is not my to know i am youar to harp agains tyours hatred is your to know and i to know that hatred of your to know is your to stay and understand i is not you to know i and ours is so to beuaty is my are is to have is your to know i am to know i am so strong and i did not have you to know i am you are and i'm soi you're to harden my soul is not soften hart is yours to consume is mien to enjoy yet you take and break mine to enjoy and it's noticeable

you give me money📧 📪 Do something you take my joy and still on radio 24/7 and tv yuo give me money i have e-mail it no work ror something try i work hard still all night & day everyday and no mioney nobody to talk to it's nisce to talk to you if you have any insight into terror act ongoing give it to uk and japan you are terorrists fucking ugly stupid talktaive americans raping me in everty song and still enjoying every expression of my pain literally records and are is not you and i to have you are not is's only are's




i need you to donate to my friend tara's gofundme.com/taylorsw!ft

https://www.rainn.org/articles/sexual-assault-men-and-boys I am not y our friend and only your abuser is not my pain yours too i am your painful friend to know i am victim of you then i am not your victim too it's not my fault you hit me over the head with that broom, nor your fault i wear this gown, it's my fault i'm aware of my unwareness, and it's sadness isn't making me tear, nor worth my energies anymore so as i leave my torment today tomorrow come hither to my joy not m' pain, of mine, is virginia's van gogh's, then why am i so vincent today, so dreary and blue as joni yesterdays are tomorrows again then? of mine and you are not to have our and ours is your and yours' and you are pain to then i am not?

and i suffered in vain

for your glory

and you are not to know mine you are not mine and as rapist you are to stay without my today you are tomorrow you rapist taylor swift you are a rapist and you're rape itself, of lover, tghen i'm yours to know is not to have you rape and rapey and you and yours thne rape to enjoy is not my body yhour mind then, to have your and yours to torture's end is your beignning to have too is yours to