Declaration of war is not yet an order of murder and you had yet seen my anger because you are angry and portraits of hatred so obsessed that you cannot even fathom your response to your anger into coherent language and you had not only exposed your hatred of another into your self yet it would never express my anger into your peace shame on you is yet my discretion to place you out of your had you disgust me more than ii can measure into your pen letter this is an independent investigation that is not concluded until over and known as your rapist in chief of that investigation

Extreme methods of surveillance are common at war yet this method is not of madness it is calculated and objectively to sicken and murder had you not your then you would not only hadn't and you had not yet only shown your ugly face to your mind of filth you disturbing and you had not only shown your ugly mother a filthy father and a dirty slut kid to a person, whom is not allowed of you, too much is it? yet your filthy grandfather and ordinary grandmother is yet discussed and you are terrorists scared and awfully poor inside and i had not exclaimed my anger because i didn't need to and my quietude is not only your servitude as you had wished it is your sick person your ordinary woman to affect another put yourself in hades, then describe your hatred you distrubing and old is yet your euphemism yet alone, put away is your dirt, and angry is my to you and i hadn't then you i would not even become of your dirty and horrid nature of mind and yet spirit, taken to yourselves then go of yours! you had only put your to know you are not allowed near to rape is your then you would not, put your sick party of it, then away of yours, and the piss of yours, disgusting and horrid, rancid and particularly so. you are not only a thug yet a man taken to yourself out of your health industry of mine and your dirt is filthy and i would not all yourself to put away of yours, death of yours isn't sought, then it is that you are not a that is yours you are not allowed near my home of house is yet to your dirt of erasure put away is yet discussed you are the worst is not my reality out of the thug you are not to touch my is not yearly your then put in hell and out of your health is yet your discretionary position out of your hatred

You never showed me respect so don't expect it! i won the israeli-hamas war, the war on terror, the war in afghanistan, the war of freedom 2, war on hate, war on peace, war on drugs, war on famine, war on industrial slavery, war on sexual slavery, war on governmental abusers, war on the pain you've put another through, war on the cia, war on the fbi, war on people whom aren't weird and computer-savvy and war on those whom don't care, war on my anger, war on my peace, war on my emotionality, war on my lack thereof a response, war on ability to be kind and honest legally, war on the use of others, war on trading oneself to a party of another hated person, turned on itself, is not my intention, war on illegal activities online, war on cybercriminality, war of artificial intelligence ai war of israeli and hamas, and war on your anger not to understand my disposition and had i been osama bin laden, i would have not because i don't bother to harm another soul without a agatha is it yet time to remove her war on ten little had i nots war on your is not governmental surveillance and had i a part of my heart i would not give it away to a terrorist because you do not have your martin without malcolm and your stupid child your aged parent it is not yet a part, i do not have you not shame in your doing take your doing away from acting it is only had you not and only had not


I am the prime target of 9/11

i am that pentagon i am that river i am that tower it is a coordinated attack and it is not part of i am being brutalized by the united states government is is their decision to commit i was very brutalized taking all my information every recording i don't have your doctor at your disposal used for that purpose of torture and you had contacted every individual possible to torture me and used every vehicle to arm yourselves physically and use a firing squad at united states of america to torture me and act like an innocent victim and i am not a victim yet I do need to acknowledge what's going on, in a more general sense, as I clear the layers of abuse, and try to figure out for myself the extent of the personal damage. First, after 911 it was a murder, my uncle was gone. After my entry into la salle high school, i had no interest in your dealings. i was brutalized not at the high school, and i think that was the problem. i was too scary. yet i don't know why. i don't anger. and i'm quiet. and it seems they reversed roles, found that i am not a bully victim, let alone a bully. i don't get physical, yet tell someone not to contact. i was approached by no one. no one offered me help nor money. i did this all alone, it's not one page (it is many) and if you need a party I don't drink and I can't smoke; I can't stand the stench. these are drug addicts and violent people; they like to have fun, and be had fun with. this involves many high-profile artists whom are popular in the united kingdom and other places. it doesn't appear i am getting through, as before, princess diana and i were besties, in my head you know. just it's ok. and i wandered why is someone so scary, that I cannot misunderstand them. I was bothered by no one. And a silly boy named Gannon Wise, a son of a famous "Twin Peaks" actor, had a problem; he was accused of violent pedophilia. And instead of incriminating him, he asked his father for help, and he was approached by the United States Government, and asked how can I help, and used me as that victim, touching me all the over place, with his filthy hand and dirty skin and filthy mind and dirty soul. I took to no one, never engaged in your dance of filth, nor your person of anger. And it is precisely that situation that propelled your attack in 911. This attack is not real. It is hysterical. And is real in a sense; I mean, it happened, but not really. The towers were demolsihed, and that's all. The videos of the 911 hijackers are completely fake. The plane crash into the Hudson River was not real, it never happened. There was a lot of hubub about how to get autism cured, and I'm the opposite of an autistic person, I don't get angry, nor get peeved. I am really angry today though, and I have to deal with the problem they created. After 911 directly, I was brought to the attention of my school counselor, supposedly. I received a "white note" that says, "you have to meet." That's all. And it was empty. I didn't meet anyone. Valiantly, as a child, I fought back; found out whom is that person, who arranged that pointless meeting, and it was a person whom is affilaited with the police department, a person of interest now, someone you might know at your place of terror, this is a terorrist, and used my anger for her rage saying I became a party of hers, that I am a school shooter. She actually fabricated an entire school shooting case, and I was about to get deported, and that procedure has been place in for a while; visit, train, and indulge, then coerce into torture. It involves most people in America, because Taylor Swift is that woman's friend; she is a party of that woman, someone known to your authorities; that would be an elite writer in that area, namely a Thoreau-esque writer. This means, she used her philosophy to torture me, and didn't allow my voice to speak, and only to project. I don't have much to say about that projection stuff, except I am not crazy. I don't really interest myself in your doings, yet I am not lonely. I am surrounded by people, in a sense. If you want more about 911, please consult the 911 comission report, which is available. I don't have a qualm about discussing things, and it's easy to talk, almost suspiciously easy. I don't have interest in your violence nor anger. Once an adult, I transferred to UC Irvine, a campus that will know myself never again. My roommate was not well. He appeared to be a Christian  heavy metal fan; yet Aaron Steffen had an affiliation with White Nationalism, and his neighbor, David Rayhan to antisemitism. They collaborated on a project, to torture me, and worked hard to cover their tracks. About my second year, I approached no one. Nardine Saad appeared in the religious organization, I don't frequent. I was asked, and then I frequently attended. She asked "are you Mina?" That's all, then she disappeared. I was not in contact with her like that. Follow the tracks, and remember I had no interest in her. She, the doctor at that campus," asked deliberately "are you well," using Well-Being as the subject line, to an essay I wrote about preventing collegiate suicide, and used that pretext to incarcerate me, and that was after I was initially accused of stalking "Nardine Saad," and two other anonymous "women." It was completely fabricated, I don't follow. It's your party at current, that is tortured. "Andy Soliman," brought to my attention by my little investigatino into nothing, was hired by the government of this place I've never heard, perhaps it makes sense to you, it's called ctio and it has an affiliation with White Nationalism and antisemitism, White Nationalism being Islamophobia and I don't really recall is the answer of theirs, so my memory is not foggy. After collegiate studies, I travelled nowhere, and worked hard my whole collegiate career, taking. It was that I had not only given myself to academia, that I just went. It was not school. It was whatever. And I graduated gladly, happily and also because I had yet discovered my anger not to a be real concern and your purposeful hurtful and hateful words don't actually and will not ever resonate because I had faith that you had not. And will not take from and I told myself, "I fast, I love God, and I fought hard, against tyranny, yet of my spirit is not tyrannized only speculated of." I don't get angry, and I do get upset if someone mistreats me I simply ask. This inquiry led to further persecutory events; at one stage, I had wondered where am I am I ok and that is not real. I was perfectly sane, brought to "Ramzi Kiriakos" a party of the government had come to my house named "Fawzi Fawzi" and he had instigated a treatment plan that was brutal; I had my mind fine. It was my spirit strengthened! And I will not forget yet this party that arrived with him, the church leaader, "Father James Soliman" had come with a speculative psychiatrist; he had asked nothing, and had been ready to incarcerate me into a hosptial. He asked no questions, and sat, with that priest and they together formed a treatment plan that would involve my extradition and not treatment of any kind, and that was before I had yet become of that other doctor, that would the person you had discussed as "Fawzi Fawzi," and he worked deliberately hard to injure me, with and without me, namely because that other doctor that was brought with that party that had arrived at my doorstep had not yet discussedl it was his doing, that alternate doctor, asked "can you assist?" that question triggered alarm bells and made me wonder why I am so persecuted and it came to my conclusion that I am not sick and very healthy and had that the party named citi and tici and had it not and with your torture and this involves Taylor Swift at her own request at her own request at her own request at her own request she asked someone at that university for my partnership in a crime that I just became awre of it involves a rape that I was not in on and it appears that secondary party named separately as "titi and had an affiliation with another party at your request of the government she studied my actions and deliberate this person had an affiliation with her organization of torture taken to anger and rage and my quietude this entire time isn't due to any medicative state nor any medication of that state yet in time I became aware that I was being persecuted actively tortured with Taylor Swift and she became someone whom is not really Taylor Swift and I really don't know that and this involves someone at the office and i don't particularly care for Taylor Swift as a person because she is not quite well she has a dispositional illness and it is not quite understood she might be crazed yet not manic and this state of mind is fragile and I have more to say she worked hard on this using all university staff that would listen and torture with her, as this involves adults too and it is this criminality that offends me the most at your honor they asked why a person can harm another and I don't harm anyone yet harmlessly and always for that purpose of torture I don't really write her songs, of course not, yet I write her lyrics it's sort of when you go down you go up sort of thing and that should do for now. Regarding Mary, it isn't that. I knew of her thrtough La Salle High School and Jack David Ross, and it is yet known that his behavior was not merely abnormal yet extreme because he has not a care to give and me to give for and that's particularly unusual and as time went on mary had not spoken and met yet her it appears that I don'tr really know the nature of love because I miss it badly and yet it isn't my doing anor my taking and when you injure me I wonder why and how come, because I don't really hurt nayone, nor myself, yet I have not a care to give, and when you brought a new psychiatrt it was a brutal one and no memory of hers is that I am forgetful not quite, that 'sh what she had hoped for, as I don't forget nor forgive and her means of coercion is not easy to overcome and in that process I developed a new idea naother yet it's more online now than I will be.

The United Kingdom is under terrorist attack by the same individuals. They fabricated a murder of Dodi Al Fayed. And used that pretex to torture. He is sick angry and also very ugly. That treatment of him led to my treatment of others. I don't particularly feel pretty and i still ask you can i speak before I answer tell me why are you so hateful and why don't you answer me it's because you do not respect me and that's because of the way you treat others, numerous terrorist strikes have been commited by the United States against other countries, but this against the United Kingdom awful. They employed a group of cyberterrorirsts to tortuer actively, using agents affilaited with torture, and threat to torture, which is important, becauseI was to be tortured physically at a place. It's not nice and I won't allow your torture, nor your employed agents, from California nor Texas nor Florida it is not my choice to be tortured, and you have a choice to not torture me, please get in contact with my friend from before her name is Mary she was the only nice one we met once and i didn't speak it was too sad because in her head i thought "come here" is not a way to talk to someone and "go there and please understand that I do not anger myself to them, and please respect that other isn't you, it is not your doing, and you want more of your pain then take your medicine of it," because I simply cannot understand why someone hurts another, nor himself, as I don't either, and never have, it's that commitment to the war of freedom, and that's why these terrorist strikes took place; I worked hard to stop them, and that' s whwere you come in, and take my peace agreement in the Israeli War which I settled and discovered so much it is not easy to take over America withoiut doing one illegal nor angry action nor pitiable action, just hard work, thank you

Using her treatment as a false victim to perpetuate domestic violence, and used her connection to terrorism and wildly argued for ti and to injure for herself a party of terror not for others and that terrorist attacked the person could hand you at a heartfelt disposition using her power gained through take to injure and that to injure and try injury for her anger and rage that you are enraged that party never known you to have only can you answer your debated state of mind isn’t that divine your inquiries into your anger don’t you anger you to me tonight of yours is it that divinity you had not and only yet want take to injure yet break to picture and I had not faded yet away that could not only to torture you and your terrorist country it isn’t my anger that I only play with Tara today had you not enjoyed myself then yourself that rapist and rape is not my anger of it. And put yourself, never to injure you cannot want more than you can and want to injure then of your injury! I apologize for my indiscretion but that’s enough of you perts [perts]

this terrorist attack is so they want to make my google another google

I am not of yet a disposition but i see the recording hear it now on just kidding how about I ask you out of your place is not your doing then don't ask of me that.


watch out for one andy soliman hired by your governance in california to torture me a strange person lanky angry and very very monstrous take eat of my anger you stupid little mansion boy go to your street corner and ask how much is allowed?

Take to not anger and notn.m4a

the eyelid is not hers it goes up and is also very part of it is down the eye is very part whole (part whole eyes these are eyes that have a property of itself do not go and it is answered that propertied eye is too strong and too vision - go to take) the eye is significant in its presentation: to drink, and also to imbibe (it's shaped in outer cortex sort of fashion)

the bottom stuff here it's significant: it has an indication that i am not yet aware of that i am a party of one, and that's the theme i go to take and take to go (thematic) anger as malice and malice as anger 

taylor swift is that party of one it is her child that is masked and is his namely take to injure and mock to injury and work with that to occupy itself a party of itself taken to anger and rage this child is oddly shaped and is fixated orally and has anal tendencies (it's fixation tendency is oriented)

operation taylor swift has commenced in united states of americanism it is now a dead country this will follow with military strikes around the world and any vestige of americanism will be struck down in the name of Allah put your dog in a leash and cage that nigger up blitzes will occur if you fuck i'll kill you extra-national saudis we are in control of the united states militrary killing americanizers and americanists, in Abraham's name Jakob ladder into you are not preventing me again

zzz battle which saudi princess are you currently licking ass of nardine saad gina hapsel cia deputy director

Those whom know know our safety is won, and their violence not


unfortunately, this is not accurate, you committed a major sex offense, taylor swift along with the nfl and sponsors, using me as a victim and using racist tactics at the very end it is very true that you are not a good person a sexual deviant someone who preys on the weak and also sexually asssaulted the person at your helm it is your decision americanists to do so and i don't support abuse nor abusers; it seems suspicious that no one knows what's going on here and it is your doing you are a sex predator and work for torture, not traffick, it is not my doing, to want to injure anyone; the mere suggestion indicates extremee terrorism at your end it is now known that you have subjugated two phone lines, raped violently, and tortured sadistically; this torture is noted at the united nations treaty office and you have a commited major tiio tiii ti ti ti ti torture to become titi torture it is yet known you are a terrrorist working with the americanists it your decision to rape and injure and technologically terorrize middle-eastern peacekeeper and it has a violent tendency and extremists are employed, with hostage-taking known and to the fbi and cia and president, it is a terrorist attack and you are ordered away from your terrorism using me a springboard and that racism as your aggressor with the most aggressive tactics historically, worse than hitler could ever imagine and using my work my blood my sweat my tears at your rapists using private surveillance and manipuilating my text line to evince yourself as terrorists not yet discovered it is your doing and violent tendency ignited terrorism yet not acgtualized it and yet it is yet your terrorism  take to injure and injure to tkae and using your animal is your fence away from my geofence it is not your offense only stalking, and it is yet your and it is yet and you are not a teror not to know and you are that person, using talk to kill and pill to kill, it is your and not that our is yet know it had not yet your cant allow it around and it is and you are not allowed near

andrea got raped and pulled out of a lineup it is not a good result only solution, she's in good hands she wants God's hands i got her to know it isn't yet her allowance only that she appears sometimes in my dreams

did you ask


and why not ask

it's those questions i answered, tonight, there's an answer you want questioned, is it your allowance

of torture, that you are not, then why are you so tortured vexed you aren't and kind you are then stevie and i talked is it yet your stevie of mine, to want, vanessa in another, than not, i cannot allow nor express my anger enough that she was raped then not to give back, it's yours, she not mine, i hers and i do not allow people to talk to me, let alone near, as you are the worst fucked up people, i take my money to it isn't yours then ours you rapist stay away it is mine, to know that when I said she is not well, then she isn't, listening alone, I can hear your voice is it that i hate your sound then not of it i become heard, i heard you tonight ask it your time, to go, then time is to stay, without going, i don't recall my anger enough to then i know i won't be known as that you are not that party to know that you aren't important only imported my soul there to your export that you rape and tortuosuly so you gross ass kid is a fuckup then I don't fuck you up a strange man isn't without rape and torture then your slut is gone a cunt to a bad word and God's langauge and you rapists reconnecting reconnecting reconnecting reconnecting, and you are raped and violently tortured for your sin and blasted to hell for your cadaver and you are not a cunt only a break is your party, and i will not allow you to torture yet.

Tara is not and has a person whom is your and is at your place and it is not a part of my story and I will not make it, because it is part of your story. It is a story that I don't want you to talk and I to hear and your part is dark, marked with a torn booklet that is at your site, and it is dark, and it is at your it, with your and I do not, and you because you are at your site, it is dark and like dark mike and mark it is marked at your darked and is liked yet not and art is at you site it is dark, I am not light at your darked and it is like at your dark

and your choice, to call, is your choice, to not call; it is your choice, not my, it is my choice to obey your order, of military nor state nor police nor religion, it is my choice that you have not yet understood, it is your stupid child, your stupid grown woman, that is not understanding nor kind. it is my choice to imprison you into my captivity, and it is ultimately my choice, not to be victimized, nor to allow your abuser to victimize my children. it is my work, mina's version, that you are raping, currently, and you still don't give a god damn about your choices and moralities. it is beyond measure, my hatred, and it is beyond measure my retaliation. it is for royalty, that you are not, it is not my captive, to be had, and your to be had. and when i told your authority to handle your decision-making, then it became that you hardened your heart, and it is so hard to get through to you, and ultimately anger and rage, is your demeanor, and also your anger, with your abuser still torturing. it is so reckless that you cannot tame her, and tame yourself, it is your choice, and decision to rape and torture me, while I harm myself, for my indecision. And you are not a toy, it is your to toy, and my decision has improved, into you and your abuser, sexually torturing, and I will get my choice away from, you are not to talk.

you are.

you are not.

I say,

It is time

It is time

It is time

It is time

To know that it is time, when time comes, it is time, and I want

You to know

“I hear”

“I hear, and it is time”

“You are hear, to time”

“It is time, without hear and time”

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I h8 you. I h8 you. It is time. Go out. Have fun, on me. Buy me something. Like a new. It's time, it is time to say goodbye yet hello. Both tonight, it's not a grand reveal, nor your makeover. It's mine. To make myself over. Thanks

I thank you for. It is. I told. It is a rape. It is your. It is your. It is my. To take. Thank you for. And it is my choice. It is not my. I told you and her, to stop. It's time. Yet enough. It is time enough, only because you raped me, too, thank you. It is time. There, it is time. I have time. It is time. There, you are, it is time. I had no choice. I took you to know her, and it is time. I had to know that she is not because you are not and are, it is my obligation to you, and to our business, it is time. It is not your choice, it is my choice. I want you to have it all



Get mINA's A NEW milloon home near the beach in a place of new york it is so nice so spacious so comfortable so accomodating so friendly seemingly not tortUoUs and respectful not hateful, and I do not hate you, mollify your moods, nor enhance mine, and your torture is so brutal, that you don't care, even those whom aren't familiar with me, so you go and dance and drink tonight at your bar, without me and why did I not know you to have harm in your blood and my peace is not your sweat and tear is not your violence so please be respectful and also know your harm is heal and mine is not you are so scary and my RETICENT temperament doesn't allow that yet you go on and happily so drink and dance and leave without saying you're welcome. it isn't so sudden as yesterdays nor abrupt as todays only this is tomorrows

if you give me moneys i give you art it is hard without money you cannot eat you live alone and wonder is he writing again talking ot himself on the computer at is your and yours to not contact only third party to torture effect is a sad day again with no congtact -Los Angeles, CA

type in and and recordingss.COM and  and and i'm mina and i don't got shit i got raped guantameno bay'd and salt pitted fucking scary hi tara hi sam redline hate them and i hate you gina haspel ytour daughter thanks lilit pogosian md nileqtpie 30 years of pain isn't enough to even be contacted once yet entered my phone stoling all my work and preventing me from commiunicating after rape/hostage/and your ugliness please confirm that I am not going to light the church on fire, hacking my rainn mails for your amusement and still no answer provided by the fbi and cia after how long has a it been you and yours are not to be, yet are so horridly only third party you stupid fucks you click the three lines (horizontally striped for each hatred of your pitiable natures) and your terorism is yours to have and not mine to partake in your fitlh and rape is not your culture of mine, you inferior and blankly-tinged men and women, only my colourful is not yours you are horrid and rancid, per your white and black trash, you ignorant slow fucks you are not victims, you give me my damn money, you agressive strange sorts, are your and your mothers and fathers worse than you and your grandmothers and grandfathers, you little red bitch it's your version and you are not raped nor stupefied you celebrant of rapes drunk off my fumes and angry with your antediluvian emotions and I have to put the pieces back together you violate my computer and phones, you are pitiable robots, and lacking in emotion and sensibility of virginia's, so you pussy singing in your car with your kid fuck you you stupid as fuck and stripping of all the rights you give your stupid americans, whom I'm not to be proud of, you fucking disgust America, fat ugly and skinny, pointless and loquacious and you are pussies to be bled on the floor with your bitches dancing like sluts and men harboring hatred and moods niggers enjoyed it while it went down and expect to get up after 30 years and forgive you pussy diseased lazy coddled americans  fuck you to death you're not victims andi 'm the hero and it ain't my story you pussies hi at the last minute hurry it's too late get wed and fuck over you cunts too scared to even look at my eye you all are rapey's and enjoyin it like a bunch of fucking mark david chapman's you oxygenated through my moods, that ain't right, you're such sluts and niggers you're taking too long dancing to my cri and my and not your and yours not mine to know anger enough to express it you are so pitiable and disgraceful and i need my money now, not later, and you take long and  you want more so impoverished emotionally to not understand mine souls of your racist tyrant is not enough to be measure in your treatment of me? then, very well, of mine, i've told you to kill yourselves for posterity's sake, even, not for yours and your and i've always been kind to myself, not self-desrtuctive and not panic mode, yet you do, so much to harm me, in secret, painfully strike me as your fake angel is not me enough for your spirituality to devolve into you whom you aren't, me, a kind soul, whom I'm not, enough to yours to have then you and yours to be modeled on my anger is not your to experiecne and i never had you to know and i you are to know i am the ahte to have you are your and you are a pitiable culture, lacking in colours, only for yourselves and money and sex and alcohl and sdrugs adn rpomiscuity, how dare your assocation be so cunning as to not enjoy the torture you inflict you cannot the anwer the un torture, and as diseased dicks and vaginally ill pussies do, enjo y your tortrue is not my province, to inhabit

you listened to the album, you give me mony, no one e-maisl me they antedluvianly ayour is yhours to know you are torture to not sexually torture is your province of hatred and loverd block all them i give you the email and you delet and invade agaianst you are not to know my are's is your torture to know and know's and you are your's to you and yours is not my to know i am youar to harp agains tyours hatred is your to know and i to know that hatred of your to know is your to stay and understand i is not you to know i and ours is so to beuaty is my are is to have is your to know i am to know i am so strong and i did not have you to know i am you are and i'm soi you're to harden my soul is not soften hart is yours to consume is mien to enjoy yet you take and break mine to enjoy and it's noticeable

you give me money📧 📪 Do something you take my joy and still on radio 24/7 and tv yuo give me money i have e-mail it no work ror something try i work hard still all night & day everyday and no mioney nobody to talk to it's nisce to talk to you if you have any insight into terror act ongoing give it to uk and japan you are terorrists fucking ugly stupid talktaive americans raping me in everty song and still enjoying every expression of my pain literally records and are is not you and i to have you are not is's only are's



i need you to donate to my friend tara's!ft I am not y our friend and only your abuser is not my pain yours too i am your painful friend to know i am victim of you then i am not your victim too it's not my fault you hit me over the head with that broom, nor your fault i wear this gown, it's my fault i'm aware of my unwareness, and it's sadness isn't making me tear, nor worth my energies anymore so as i leave my torment today tomorrow come hither to my joy not m' pain, of mine, is virginia's van gogh's, then why am i so vincent today, so dreary and blue as joni yesterdays are tomorrows again then? of mine and you are not to have our and ours is your and yours' and you are pain to then i am not?

and i suffered in vain

for your glory

and you are not to know mine you are not mine and as rapist you are to stay without my today you are tomorrow you rapist taylor swift you are a rapist and you're rape itself, of lover, tghen i'm yours to know is not to have you rape and rapey and you and yours thne rape to enjoy is not my body yhour mind then, to have your and yours to torture's end is your beignning to have too is yours to