get everything in writing and signed and notarized (remember notary publics are not legal institutions, and that really legal professionals don't harm for fun, nor do abusers, nor do people who hate people nor does anyone do have bad moods and people who hate don't hate for fun nor do people who love love for fun so do not hate for fun and do not love those who hate for fun, as those who hate for fun are really scary, and have fun to scare, so don't scare me again, and I won't be scared again, because of that promise you made today. Thank you Helpers, and Savior Above, who you'll never know, want to know, or become, you stupid women and men, stop abusing kids, and please stop getting help, because I don't help abusers, and I won't be abused. Thank you, for your time in America, you are now classified. This is an official organization, not an individual organization, loosely linked through a web of lies. Such lies are not tolerable to Americans abroad, so I represent them, too. Thank you, God, and please don't try anything funny, because you're not

other references (forced): (easier to relate), just sound it out with hyphen, and i'm not totalitarian so whatever saves lives (without the m -> leads to google sites, as i don't know how to mask, so also, and references to Ronan Farrow (if he's alive and real (for the other site) it's like her name but not the end of it, and it's like moving fast but not 

my name is mina, and i'm here for a reason, like kanye west, located at

if you need a reference like an id to escape, try ronan farrow say ronan farrow and they'll let you know, and don't allow others to abuse your abuses

domain hijackeering doesn't mean that, lol, most of them are still there, it's just a thing

if you need to call me, do (like answer the phone, i do, i don't do voicemail but answer scam calls for fun loool

and he can be reached at his e-mail address i think it's or if you have a better address try it offers subscription to find voices, don't fall for scams, don't pay more than you should, for fun i made have Spiritual FunAngelsLive God Wins (Won and Will Win)

mi6 link helpful just try things and do as God says

and correct me and i'll stand corrected