There are no words to describe the strength of Iris Haim, the mother of Yotam who was held hostage by Hamas and was tragically killed by IDF soldiers  in a horrific accident.

Iris addressed the battalion involved in the tragic incident in which her son was killed:

"Hello to the Bislach Brigade, battalion 17, this is Iris Haim, I'm Yotam's mother.

I wanted to tell you that I love you very much and I embrace you from afar. I know that everything that happened is completely not your fault, it's nobody's fault - except the Hamas, may their name and memory be wiped off the face of the earth.

We invite you to come visit us at the earliest opportunity, whoever is willing, we want to see you with our own eyes and embrace you and tell you that what you have done - as painful as it is to say, and as sad as it is - was likely the right thing to do at that moment, and none of us are judging you or angry with you. Not me, not my husband Raviv, not my daughter Noya, not Yotam, of blessed memory, and not Tuval, Yotam's brother.

We love you very much, and that's that".

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haim-have-been-down-women-in-music-part-iii-profile-interview (1).jpg

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