911 Retribution War (Pt.){Part, 1}{{Part 2}}{{{Pt.}}}

America is already war-torn, don't expect much to be different.

This war is long-winded, will take forever, to get back to you, terrorists, huh? Terrorists? Worthy of torture? And racial mocking of its lead terrorist, Mina. Not a good idea.

As we take back our world, I want you to know that everything could have been much easier.

All American Passports are invalid, and money is not legally tendered, except for those whom know what matters, the elite, who actually care, who have already taken control; You are not Taylor Swift, the one I saved, myself, literally, from torture of the United States of America, You are not Haim's Family, the one I saved from the Israeli War, You are not Joseph Biden III, the one I saved from your torturers.

It's okay. You are a terrorist country, the good will leave the bad alone, now, with the most womanly retribution possible. Do not try us, thanks, though.

Without me, this would have allowed; social progress, major upheavel, religious meaning, health of the body and mind, economic normality, sexual health, normal physical appearance, and not deranged torture; it's yours to keep, stay away from us. This is a no-fight war, your army is not participating, nor is your naval captain, nor your air force; all have been transferred, only the elite have left, me, here, to bleed a final blow, to take that crucifix and place it in my shoulder, to show, I am dying, it's for God, to know me forever, your torturer is now here, in my body, crying and not respected enough to travel with you, as you are torturer of someone else, and not mine, it is war, and what is good fro, peace and quiet, not violence, yet you are untamed, and need taming, better parenting, for your diseased genes. This is not normal to go through, I can't help you out anymore, stop trying to advantage yourself to a much superior race, where you wish were from, the spiritual emotional scary minas of the world.

No terrorists at airports, terrorist police force, that threatens, is seized, subject to rape for active rapes and torture wounds unhealed. it's the only just result, codified at un, leave me alone, you look horrible like your slutty mothers and niggerish fathers, with all government's contacts, the united kingdom, for retribution of terrorists living abroad, like sudheer anne, and his associates, whom torture for the appearance of victims, you are scaring us very little, we defeated your fears, it's okay, thank us later, be scared, please, fear would behoove you. this is not a partial takeover, all world entities are involved, it is entirely takeover by kinny Mina. Show respect to authority, that will have to happen by force of the empowered, you look crazy and not crazy enough for me to care, more than I already do. All electional officials have been halted by the Secret Service, working with the British government. Contact for procedure. Terrorists, don't respect me, I don't deserve your disrespect, and do not abate a terrorist, anywhere, like I always inform, report all terrorist activities to the Secret Service, if you see someone attack me.

The Bishop in Egypt is a terrorist, who mocked my body, for a rape reward, using each photo he stole from a woman named Taylor Swift, to torture, and mock my appearance, taking it to share others my work, saying he is a genius that has no dignity has worshipped oppositely and worked at the dark site he went to to rape children he is a terrorist at your church, whom you adore, because he is an enabler, of your joy, and your children know his evil, and embrace it, you're so backwards that I straightened you up, not vice versa, your children are not mine nor are your parents, respect my authority, he will be murdered immediately, along terrorist children and handicapped, of any age, the war has started. Take shelter in Fear and God's Wrath.

I have an emergency outlet in the Kingdom United, drug me and die, it's the m.o., where only the elite have been couped, it is yours to keep, you're disgusting. Attacks are universal among the spiritually elite, contact is not to be had, only contact will be had, terrorists, stay away, and near your fears.