seeing someone hurt shouldn't make you content. that is evil. it is someone to learn from. if you hurt someone, you have to help another. that's the only way out. shameful really. i don't know why i wrote this

real spiritual sorts aren't discriminatory. they don't take advantage of innocence they let people have fun. you guys are strange. i wouldn't trust u. but u have an issue with anger. you need to stop projecting your atheism. you guys are cowards and not Godly at all. 

don't lead us astray, into temptation

I h8 criminals so very much guys

at least show you have a soul, and not trying to win everything, like who you are as a person. you shouldn't abuse for fun

moreover, taking advantage of someone is always gross

and feeling soulfulness is most important 

you can't evade your heart ever and you must be nicer

abuse is so evil

you are so cowardly, and feign emotionality because you lack what I have

which is compassion and a desire to please others

cowardly liars

please do something about the girl wanting to kill her roommate, shit ain't cool

nor is that devilish trickery and buffoonery of course

it isn't right

no thanks to weirdness, for sho

don't be so nonplussed

don't slice open my body. it feels like that

do not harm me to abuse hearts

how gross

no thanks to sadness, i'm a real one, you are not even close

keep trying, maybe one day you'll realize coolness and not your abstractions