military aciton has commenced without me in the country, as that's the only way it's possible, as i'm the only one protecting the country, i hope you die and every land taken

disgsuting, obey military order, you're going to hell, and it's here already, so you're over to hell over my thunder only happens when it's raining

Mina (Taylor's Version)

works to save sex trafficking victims worldwide from the cia and fbi, and successfully has killed both organizatinos, in additino to several others, leaders, and corporations, singlehadedly doing the right thing, without an unholy church, and only my holy God

Please sign documents acknolwedging guilt to Saudia Arabia, and thank you Persian Queens, it's a lot more

I am not your man nor your woman, you strange -Travis Kelce Swift

? let's investigate if i am to blame if i am to blame, then abuser is to blame, the entity, to blame, is to harm, to torture is not blameworthy, to be tortured

to know torture is tortured, then! it is fine to abuse, to torture's effect, is distortion, abuse, and misbehaviour, to harm, obscure, and chemically arrest, is your thing, i ain't you, and i do not fuck with drugs and alcohol, like americans, disgusting as their parents, antispiritual, disgusting and saccharine

i want all the information regarding the "counseling note" and also CalTech Involvement, physics department student, not chainsmoker artist

forward it the iran gov now, abuser isn't abooser, nor "to abuse," nor say you know it's too late, he's too far gone it's too weird really scary and scared is to him is to us, is to you, and that's just not nice, it's really not nice things, to harm to injure to obscurity's end, then is my start, and end, is your new begininning of tortrure, see if yuor mother can support you

too late, lackadaisical school shooters, concoted the idea with their taylor-howard apa

-united states of america is the most tortuous to middle-eastern historically

to make docile

they placate any sembalnce of emotioanlity with apa torture program

that's why there is no muslim artist

and i hope you burn in hell

this piece of shit is not doing anything, meaning it is 9/11 terrorists, it is 100% La Salle High School's doing, all terrorists, did not investigate, did not bomb a country, look for oum kalthoum, pointing right at the culprit, robert crawford-jared olson-jonathan talwar-colin forgotyourlastname, working toggether

Howard said this morning, he was right next to the towers - Colin

these are terrorists ,imploding necessarily

fake FBI counselor embedded, to incarcerate, failed because I scare her, like the FBI

if he lies once, but didn't blow up America, ...yet

pussies, no emotions? i'll show you my repressed anger, scaries

it's terrorists flying these black site flights, proving 100% United States of America culpability, necessitating war