as there are children involved, then it's necessarily, a war action, and I harbor no resentment, yet a lot of it, it's based here, in scaring me currently, and there in scaring others, with such videos replayed, to each other, to show military strength, and using these videos only to show "triumphs" others "murders and rapes and tortures'' of children, and men.

The United Kingdom has WARned you. And yours, of stealing private information, and raping Princess Charlotte, and initiating psychosis of her, you're horror govnerment, has initiated its own attack, is painful and scary, to children, and initiated war has sequenced, you can't control your children, and this happened as a result. I cannot control you, as pedophile aduults and "adult" children, this a war; this, war, will not be won, you are a terror government, and your commitment to torture is scary af, to children. You will not approach and surrdener, has been already ordered, and you are a scary, threatening government right now, to other nations, and it is not a usdden takeovver, and your hatred over the years, has built an anger unquenched and thirst unnouished, you a terrroist and serial rapists, using children as props for torture, this is the scariest government in history, at any time, nothing is sudden, announcement on newscasts, have been sized, and channels have been closed from communication and changed at our will. You cannot behave as "adults" and need remedial emotional training, that I cannot provide any longer. I need my communicatinos restored, to the United Kingdom, and yours have gone too far and into the level of child sexual abuse, and using your finest child sexual abuser women to do this. Shame on your country, shame on your people, and shame on your dirt-y ing my name, for yours. This government has predated on children historically, you are not victims if  you've been happy and, I will not entertain child abusers, which are too many, and too undignified for me to know approach any attack on me as usual is an attack, as described, and punishment's is yours. Beware of terrorist organizations Al Waheeb, with announcments.

Harboring a terrorist is not a good idea, money links are here, to terrorists in small places, won't shift blame, and are dangerous to me, mote, than ever, and your terrorist organizations are going to be taken over, knowingly you've utilized the extremes and mocking of the united nations, as I've saved it, I want you to know that I am a good person, and your children aare disgusting, worthless you should been be ashamed of your parenting I hope they get you and destroy you familially 

I am going to need medical treatment, for your torture, that's not needed, I can handle it, you guys are terrifying though

This is a full-scaled attack, and your same Taylor Swift are planned to use, hide like cowards, and run like cats.

We hope for my family's health. Goodbye. Do not contact nor talk if approached. Just follow my family's commands.