Do not be deceived. Looks can be deceiving. What's shiny and bright isn't always right. Don't commit suicide tonight, your star shines bright. Look deeper. Inside, you'll find hope. We'll help you to help others. This is an anti-suicide message, and always has been. Stay strong, and fight the power that corrupts, not the power that heals. Thank you, and talk. Encourage healthy dialogue; no threats are allowed. Don't scare the innocent. You've done that too many times, Ms. Swift. You've taken lives. People have committed suicide because of your discouragement of healthy dialogue and conversations. You've financially impaired the oppressed and well-meaning. The problem is alive and breathing. Racism is alive and breathing. Fight harder than you've ever fought before, because what you've got going inside you is a war, between good and evil. Earl Simmons, DMX. Don't encourage puppetry. Encourage individuality. There is a reason no fan of Kanye West, literally no fan of Kanye West, became antisemitic. When he says he is own biggest fan, he is encouraging you to love yourselves. If he wanted adulation, he wouldn't try to emulate the least liked person historically, Suicide Victim Adolf Hitler. That coward escaped his fate. You idolize a coward. Anyway, you are scapegoating. He is self-sacrificing, but he shouldn't be victimized. There is a difference between wanting to live life spiritually, the denial of self, and wanting to do away with the self. He does not want you to hurt him, but is sacrificing himself for the cause of racial equity. Are you truly spiritual? Are you fighting a battle between good and evil? If you are, you will feel encouraged by Kanye's performance art, like Salvador Dali's fan club. If you don't want others to hurt, you won't hurt spirituality. Be strong. Be courageous. It takes a lot more courage to fight evil, than to embrace it. Some atheists, some holy narcissists, hope that Kanye West is actually antisemitic. He is not. You are detracting from the cause of racial equity. You are hurting spirituality for some reason? You may not use him. You may not abuse. Amnesty International, reliable, knows of the racism in Israel. There is racism in the Arab world, too. It's a time for peace. No one needs to kill anyone. Talk things out. Vengeance is not justice. If you cannot talk things out, you should concede defeat, but there is always hope in working things out. Be kind to your neighbor. Be gentle. "Imagine there's no heaven/Imagine there's no hell/No religion, too" is not the right way to do things, even though it sounds good on the surface, like "False God." It is not philosophically researched enough to conclude such even. God needs you to fight evil. And I fight it everyday, as a God-fearing person. Don't be stupid, don't lie, and don't succumb to temptations.