Age of Abuse is Important to Know

They say that ages are important, they are, to know their emotional age of maturity for earthly persecution, to say it's not physical, it's usually extremely high referencing chronological age

i would like you to realize wounds are important to us as they say show God's love, so few pictures of wounds, and i was wanting to know they are not wound but healings My Church is MI6, and I am in that Church Definitively and Will Stay in It {MI6's Mina}

I would also like to start praying against, not just knowing the names of devils and their emotional ages, so know the names of my persecutors aren't important, it's theirs

Those helping them seem good (typically you focus on the bad)

why are his eyes out is he looking at you nope youre ugly you look like a mulleted man are you i think you are you look a bitch like shiva taghdis's other friend strangely enough i think it's her that's the girl, not uci's policegirl the other girl in the fbi home visit i wasn't at

this is about github? no it's about camp justice still kickin it after 20 years you dumb fux i got you out ask for the other salt pit address pictures i can't find any of the others there are so many to pray for argh they made me forget that

for their resurrection and everlasting lives


and more, to know, cubans would like their potato balls wedged now and mangoes not to three breast milk pumps and such hatred is not to be applauded, not now ignored at least with no m is like with no o to know i pay a dollar a show to pay you to disown your abuser now as it takes a lot to kill an abuser so that's the prayer now for your prayer feet to move to the beats i found through friends of ours who make our prayers active through movements like ours in the world of Spiritualists and Godly

internet archive it just shows what was deleted thank them ya i'm not sure how anyone find out about any without dying

they take pictures of the stuff it's probably emblematic 

new thing mi6's mina is removing words from the dictionary and redacting with a newly allowed rzn God's and Godly's 

St. Gemma and St. Martin are my favorites right now selfishly St. Marina 

How I wish you could have avenged Jesus's death and now you will, every one of those individuals is going to be arrested chemically raped physically and tortured psychologically that includes their friends their family members and their children

this is about love and not hate

these individuals have a history of abusing children and taking my mind-reading capability away from me

for anti-spiritual reasons to get high and laugh like everyone did instead of for God for selfish reasons

this is gross

{people die}

{{people die a lot}}

{{{so people die to a lot}}}

{{{people hate people who are hateful}}}

{{i hate people}}

{people are hateful}

The worst country in the world for Christians was the United States, so we'll go away for good as you wished

this isn't about killing the most innocent, it's about Us, goodbye aborted country, i wish you neverhood

this isn't about fake christians not about regular churchgoers nor theirs who know how to hurt these are terrorist organizations in masquerade, and very churches extant know how to understand nuance

this isn't about colors, 

The worst country in the world for Holy Week this week was the United States and historically so

exhaust fumes to makes fumes because i'm exhausting you

you are are your energy

i raped you violently

waxed poetic on your licenses

to know hatred is to know why

they hate and then lie

to know their hatred

is so spiritually hateful to know why they hateful

they hateful to not know what they aren't

to say is always

that they are

to torture specifically to fake kindness

to molest to harm and so they hate the truth, but only in parts

so they don't know how hateful

to make what isn't real to know hatred is to say stupid 

so if hateful sorts know hate

then they hate

so much

and i don't

hate anyone but they're hatred

is so much

to hate their hater

is themselves

so pitiable and disgusting people who want men

to know they are

so stupid

and ugly

that they aren't kind

the souls they killed their hatred and to fun

so disgusting was it

and to know they aren't ever

will be

hater to know such hatred

is viscerally the thug to know is hater and the hater is they so hater is they

to not know

and hate to self-become hatred as the worst historically

to not know their hatred

to say what they 

are is not

to be what their anger should never always say

i day always

so the new always

the truth always

and the beast always so ugly

to know truth

always so others

know selves

so disgusting so feral

so demeaning the furtherance

know so much to know areness

you were raised very poorly, to be rich unfortunately it doesn't mean that

i saw a handless writer write a poem but in a way

that made sense

to know nonsense

so it's nonsense

once a prayer is there, then it's said and spoken

and heard, not read or heard, but heard to know so once you know intentionally you are intentionlly known,

this is about you and abuse, not abuse and you, so as to say your abuse of you doesn't exist, you are self-abusers

who I don't wish to know their abuses, so morbid

terrifying and nasty

hearted sorts

are the decay of 

not heart of

to know is to not want to need

this is fun to say i am not to say i am not to know who i am to say what i am to not be is terrostically stay (be) and to want to harm to address and solidify not for that for acknowledgemnt and not of ownership but of being owned by God, properly, MI6's Mina 

when you strike a nigga's bitch you strike a nigga down this is copy alright its for my bitches and niggas alone

two to three {a bee to three a two}

there are people who hate a lot

there are people who hate so much

there are people who want to hate

there are people who wish to know

there are haters who don't hate

there are haters who are hated but whom 

you can't fix your computer if you don't have one they are scary and are very scary knowing how hurt people and how to kill people, as the worst abusers worldwide, and affiliated with terrorism and so people know why others do that, taking by not giving

so people know truth

i hate others

i hate others a lot

i hate others so much, that a lot of other

become a haters 

so abusive

so abuser

so mina so abusive abuser others will stay

without to not know who they are the stranger

the widow, and yes the orphaned strange widows so to know their abuse and racism is abuse ye4s it is abuse to be racists so

racism this hater of yours so noisy and if odd then true and if oddly untrue then is it couth to be fake i wouldn't say your name in vain

so i say it insanely 

if i waited ever

{There is hope.}

{{There is hope there, and always.}}

{{{Haters of hope are never to be aware, of their}}}

{{Disgusting they may be.}}

{Does to see an annuity so a fear afraid of the person who hates, is disgustingly hateful so they know and hate to run so much to fulfill themselves so selves always}