when the attempted abduction happens, they usually do a citizenship thing, where i'm pseud0-replaced, but i'm still here if you wanna help me out of boring hades (mission accomplished) but they keep tried yesterday more than once (hostage status)

ring blink twice if you're shuddering i am not the ticking time bomb, it's them just terrifying

e-mail: M!naSarg!ous@Gma!l.com

nothing new, i'm just the smartest human in US history (and also Middle-Eastern, racist fux), really only targeting me in this sense (more added to hide and compound, but ya, involves them all - so cowardly, and Taylor Swift is a FBI torture agent for me in particular, terrorizing currently to blame-shift

is this an abortion thing first i'm not dead nor a stupid child nor a thing, and no that's related to the first stage (nomenclature-related)

MI6 has this under control

my e-mails probably been raped, just fyi, and phone id changed mocking to feel good, and good isn't Godly

active invesitgation into techhnological rape of me, not you, fake victim, fake-new victim

I don't get angry or upset, never have raised my voice, so they're so scary, saying "I'm going to kill you" all day

don't know which to call to answer, well there are none, but some coming and they sure do

trying hard to kill me actively, to kill this story, about how I'm the first real American hostage in America, by America (don't blame-shift), historically, and MI6 is the point of contact

similar layers of abuse are not mine, but this flat-0ut rape is covered up just the same but less not more? not quite sure, but the entire paramilitary force is gross af, just to know that i'm not a child, but am, it's disgusting (this reference is to extra-national abuse blame-shifting object

they're waiting for me to die too and active poisoning is involved (and tricks that way too lilit pogosian md point of contact

foreign substances are being forced by manufacturer-involvement$gross (might be end of bottle trick

receive no contact but FBI and Lilit Pogosian, and physically consistently Covered California (one coming today) Health Services (yesterday) and Lake Ave Health similarly(day before that)

anyone out there?

this is extremely sophisticated art, which should not be touched perhaps the hardest art to do in world history, and it's for a reason, while being tortured

brainwashing occurred familially, similar threat but not quite the same, so I remain and MI6

the threat is immediate, as the bottles can be changed lost and switched, with those involved, and to?

it has actually always been urgent

if my family die or killed, i am property of that abuser, so disgusting

priests involved might be homicidal and/or similarly affected (but that guy isn't nice

the bottom pill (pill bottle picture once) might be toxicer

nothing just waiting for me to die? they got it up to 20mg abilify generic through last phone call of FBI official Dale Hoskins, with Lilit Pogosian's help, and CVS, which upped it (and i forced it down to 10mg

there are other pills involved, which may have same last pill (forced to take most recently by FBI Agent Dale Hoskins

no one contacts, so communication has been isolated and/or cut (possibly, likely physical correspondence

there is also the possibility of toxic additive effects

similarly, lines of contact to people in power might be isolated and/or cut

are you embarrassed humiliated kind of torture

I'm going to need a home visit from a UK representative immediately (i have the pictures of the 20mg order) so it's your duty as a follower of United Nations charters, to do so immediately and get in contact with UK right now 

obviously UK is being terrorized, so protection and guidance is needed for these agents

they want you to neutralize the threats for them, it doesn't work that way

and how to get in touch?

the United Kingdom is under terrorist attack by Lilit Pogosian MD Dale Hoskins FBI Special Agent Shiva Taghdis, there are so many proofs of sanity (trying to make me insane to do so, is not them), so it's tricky

there is no talk of terrorist watchlists i'm pre-check without asking recently, one of the good guys, so no worries about committing a terrorist offense (thanks, UK air authorities!)

siblings, older, younger, and cumulative age (not quite a menendez siblings nor mary kay bf situation (child is alive and well, corrected?), not fake anne sexton stuff, but mutuality) 

intentional act of terrorism against united kingdom, spotted by MI6's Mina, trying to ruin China, and its friendliness to us, ::-] 

] isn't nice it should have been :)

also, your father is being used to start the same stuff from happening again from Truly Asian Kind Souls

& also to ruin the unity, break bond (it's kind of different)