pissed off not d.o.a.

this nigga got schizophrenic tendencies, to be mothered, smothering Americans pretentiously, with grand displays of power

just for the sake of being powerful

you are not supposed to drink so much, the more elegant "sake," say, is sometimes cheaper, even

people hate everything, alanis morissette, now, because taylor swift, it's an if-then thing, a syllogism, a philsophical device, not a toy to be played with, replaced with a sexual toy, you,

are not to be toyed with, sexually,

and if you toy with me sexually, donald, or mr., or doctoral candidate, not happening, or maybe at Trump University,

just a little more prestigious than Harvard University; how uncompassionate! but, you know, after some time, you stop caring about people who don't care about you, just leaving him alone won't help, nor will protesting, nor will trying to change him, so, once an abuser, who hasn't healed you,

you are to help your stranger, unlike Taylor Swift, who doesn't forgive, nor should you forgive her and him, them - The White Nationalism House

nigga please, you got ones with the pop's gravesite, yo, so when you lay flowers there, let me know, job done