back to it, youtube is stolen similarly to google domains with the same person working both ends, stealing the art of the first with the second and with the purpose of desrtuction and with personal interest in both companies, youtube was a company that was separate then became google it doesn't work that way the youtube channel of google proves this and i have shown them that patience wins battles, and that I'm the people's champion, however the champion mocker is not my friend, my enemy, nor less, it's probably something related to stealing and theft rings, it's the stealing of rights, that I never had and still don't have and are given to the ne'er'do wells to steal art without anyone noticing deleting songs not videos, only certain videos are played on the main channels and other are subtracted with the owner actively predating youtubers, involved directly in the disappearnce of iJustine Marquees Blonee and Max Weinbach; you can read about my spiritual work and my undue persecution doing so, as it's a rapist america you're free to use threats as there is no fbi and you can go the black house white market and wonder what happened

right now your women are trying to rape me through taylor swift she is a rapist singser and writer for biological programs and willl be killed right now with friends in academia mrudered, with blood on the floor iwant their vocal cords snatched and their writing cummed on the obvious fact is this they are raping as i go along to enable rapist women like taylor swift with writer and singers who will be gangraped i don't tolerate rape nor do i tolerate plagiarism any forms of verbal abuse with the fbi with uc irvine with every person not doing shit but rpaign fuck hyou and your mother fro brithing you they're gone to 

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