(my pain is not your joy ,it is Spiritual (you cowardly rapist, hirer of rapists, you disgusting thing, you ugly feral beast, you lowlife scum, you abuser, you filthy thing (an angry soul raised without , not within; how scary, narcissistic, disgusting, ugly, brutal, unlike me, so unlike me: a disgusting rapist a thing without anything I would ever want (Godliness wins, not your stupiidty: you are a diagnoseed abuser, gross abusers are gross, and so gross, and taylor is never a victim of psychological abuse, she is the abuser, like any person abuser, but she is the worst: an abuser with no soul 

dior , sauvage perfume inc, is a rapist; do not allow them to rape you ( do not do business with rape-enablers (fkae kind people, with phony tears that they saw 

*Strength in numbers* (petty theft gets longer time, for Black guys, this has gotten out of hand [no need to be investigated, just lock up and throw away the key

do you feel good about taylor scott? and brian "marilyn"

and if john'ny' hurt (you please report right now

Life is short. Do not need these people around to hurt you or others

Call your local police station to arrest Brian Warner (legal name for Marilyn Manson), and Taylor Alison Swift (not clinically insane, but someone who manipulated you into thinking you weren't raped, but she pretended to be, so lurid, instigating-rapey (overseas, too

If the police don't do anything, report them to the other police; abusers aren't allowed, nor police abusers: i have nothing to do with this, but everything, take the money and run, don't be paid off by abusers, as has happened before, and lobby Biden to have his son arrested, and these people.

(slow people are not interesting, don't be put on hold, just say it and get the mugshot lock them up and show them the injustice you faced

In the name of God, in the name of real victims of the Devil, and not for these disgusting devils

just like those other crimes, you don't need evidence: don't be flummoxed by fake kindness, and don't help someone rape you or others. i do not so i reported taylor swift to the fbi, and they reversed it (so quiet

like with the gymnasts

she is not to get away with it (not for religious reasons, but because she is a fake rape victim (find something, have fun. she is an abuser, and you are all being abused with her and marilyn manson (depp's best friend, believe it or not).

white is not power


governor newsom, an abuser himself, is harboring two terrorists: domestically, and I won't stand for that. so force him to arrest brian warner right now, before abuse grows, with Taylor Swift, an abuser, not a super-star

Do the known rapists have guns, illicitly quicker, quick

search for guns. search for threats to public officials (get results, don't wait for anything. don't get a call back. wait on the line. but not initially, get responses, to avenge yourselves, and to empower real victims (yourselves, not the abusers)

ask them some questions (Chase them down with guns, prove you're nothing like Daniel Penny, a scary thing who kills and did (a Ron DeSantis killer)

don't you want to bar a Nazi Female Billionaire (no trial needed, nope, just justice (not injustice

I don't care who supports rapists; I do not and willn't; so I will have to arrest Taylor Swift for becoming not the poster-child for rape, but a rapist of all the women in history and those poor gymnasts (all-around athletes, strong people, not because of Swift, perhaps victimized by her too

and we wonder where she gets her power, and them too (to abuse others, to laugh while...

don't be a financial abuser, Swif; just do it without the wordiness, tricks, secrets of a lying attorney team (obsessed to hurt and $

there is enough evidence of domestic abuse in the one video of johnny depp posted on YouTube (before here); it's video evidence, no need to be investigated

marilyn is brian warner (Armen Market Gang Member hits someone). he is a human, without mental illness, a serial-killer (who has literally tortured dozens of women, and has nothing to lose: a thing without morals), Taylor Swift (is scary

CALL your local SHERRIF'S STATIONS, or from international or different areas (if nothing is done there, pointed around) to report a person with guns, a person who makes threats, a person who is abusing you (no need for evidence, just in the patrol car