fun show to watch, sitting torturing because they're enabled so powerfully so White Nationalistically, with officials scary with torture tactics, just sexual assault but including aspects they learned of psychological torture

Most of these individuals are extremely violent, and have no temperance; reflecting how horrid trying to take over bodies because they are sluts, disgusting rapists, using race as a tool, lacking anything interesting to do strictly sexual assault, the most violent rape: as exhibited so evidently

disgusting they were, never again: people without friends, nothing inside: just a bunch of lies, going to the ends of the earth to make people cry, disgusting people who hate life, the worst sorts historically, people without a conscience, raping, forcing, laughing, and they thought they could get away with it; they didn't, i'm really smart, and really Spiritual so hardcore, that I eschewed the earth since college, and became a monastic figure, so I hate you for trying my Spiritual Energy, the most disgusting animals I've ever come across in The Bible even, probably worse than any spear-holder worse than any filial-killer, some of the worst thugs I could never have imagined, but in torture homes (hi! i remember your name) and the lack of dignity, you shouldn't be better parents, because I'm not a parent, but I think you can lead your kids the right direction; this violence this is intolerable

i do not hate you, get mad at others, but these people have killed, and actively, so I'd just stay away for now; this is under control of the United Kingdom (really!), and we're finding out more everyday. Be kind to your Spiritual Leaders, and learn how to be better people

I can't tolerate strange abusers, some really racist: like when you go out there, they want to rape everything, because they're dumb, so um stay away

And the lack of coherence too, it's laughable

you want the attention buddy listen youre fucking hapless fuck, stay away from me, stop acting like you're needy, you're absolutely gross, and abusive a person without kindness, to harm the kindest - it's actually collective, and when it comes to this level, obviously professional, disturbing to feel good, and take, violent and taking no responsibility

You are an abomination to God, collectively, trying everything to make me scream, i'm not insane, but they want me to scream; lilit, you are going to Hell, with every member of these puppetmasters, your money fuck you

you are disgusting

fuck you for your abuse, disgusting so evil and foul to me the person terrorists

youre a racist, using racist tactics never been done before, FBI-CIA-Similars

abusing with Taylor Swift, the worst thing imaginable

horribly done.

CVS Pharmacy is disgusting, actively taking part in CIA Torture Program

people who think they're smart take advantage, but listen my team here says you are pedophiles, and are waiting to get concrete evidence 

On behalf of The Soldiers Who Destroyed The Devil you are not strong