garge injure this is a torture terrorist attack with only the most extreme antisemites this is an extremist using violent viular torture (it is a preemptive)

this is a committed war. you like your defense you keep your defense it is not my to suddenly forgive a violent rapist of my mother. you stupid son of mutts that is your war that is your fight that is your dogged persistence in racist torture and your chosen concentration camp it is your decision openly as a society to sadly take your loss torture using extremist tactics and violent using as a rape threat and violence as your means it is an extremist attack and used all methods this is not a military strike without militarily accessing my work to torture opnely with it is an open and houthi are strike that is considered preemptive war strike and noted internationally as such, you had notification, it is your torture, and please obey the peace treaty that has been signed by other nations, on mina's work that's codified regarding the israeli-hamas war

and by the way

a cunt is not a bunt

in other woords,

yalla haram mish mamkoon a part of you to be raped you try me you keep your nuremberg trials don't you touch my daddy rape torture guide war

as your first war victim has been claimed haram alekoom it's over your first service army man collapsed in field by mina gun fuck your war it is my war take it down like your pill stupid motherfucker fight means I had my heartless heart God let's go

eskoot ya harami

nice try having an independent identity that you dont already artly own