it ain't about it

that i fuck a nigga and it isn't about that~it isn't about your way it isn't about your discovery it isn't about your anger nor is it about your peace it is more about the thug you wish you were taken to my anger is my peace and i have yet to speak of it and you are not that party that is injured yet has injury taken to your anger is yet my anger put it in your hand and make it a part of your world you stupid little girl your not annoying your a person who cannot understand basic emotions and in that you had tried to abuse someone and that is always that organism of hatred taken to itself is yet allowed and yet of it is that party yet announced yet when is it ting ting knock on porcelain what is it your day or night tonight and if i had touch you? you like to touch you want to fuck me up interesting i fuck you up and down.

don't you ever try to talk to a person like me without asking! is not yet had and it is not yet a part of mine

i am not alllowed near my house is yet my home yet your house pout and pill yourself is it yet my anger that isn't yours put it in the air and don't care i don't have a care to give is that you caringess put it in your head and aim it at your detective is it your private of my dick that is not yet your ruler is my sexuality straightened then don't give my blood to a cunt and don't ask me for your sample it is your urine to drink if you do not allow my anger, then i will not pout and cry like your dick tracy is it yet enough to talk shit on your microphone of another was it your awful dog to be barked and your cat to be skinned i had yet a dollar to part with your part is yet told that i do no tell i don't tell you i am gay is it your happy