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Respect people, not beliefs. If someone holds antisemitic or antimuslim beliefs, you try to change them. Don't be angry with anyone, that is an ad hominem attack.

Taylor does have trolls. They don't troll her, though. That's telling. 

She has trolls, though. She doesn't tell people to stop trolling, but these aren't trolls, they are perverts, child molesters, suicide advocates, angry people, violent thieves, men in kids' clothings, perusing who's available. who else do they start with? the most popular one, who gets away with talking to kids, so they have a mask and insight. it does need to be stopped, and is very dangerous. not potentially. but it is. that's besides that anti-moral views, like revenge, seduction, OVER-CONFIDENCE (major key alert), atheism, snitching, being rewarded for not being a hero, and taking advantage of people with money and economically, and taunting people with wealth, acting in a film that sux! CATS! it sucked, and Merill-Lynch Fortune, horsies, and people who hurt others for fun, and stop rewarding illness, stop legitimizing hatred, and be yourselves again guys! the music is weird, like the sound has messages

Headache pills are antidepressants; don't fuck with them, drug companies made them. Take the pain. Be women/and men.

Don't criminalize working hard. It's the American thing. When you tax people who make more, you're saying don't work hard.

Immigration should be for everyone. Don't make something legal illegal. Don't tell some people to wait and wait and wait and possibly not be citizens, but others can have American Drivers' Licenses when committing a crime, doing something illegal. I love everyone. So let everyone in! Melting pots are fun. But do so the legal way; don't fuck up the law. 

What's the difference between killing a fetus and a two-month-developed fetus and a toddler and a seven-year-old and a sixteen-year-old? You choose the life that lasts longer. You don't abort kids with Downs syndrome; you don't kill them when you see them in public, you love them. Everyone has value, remember. If it was your conscious decision in the first place, you should blame yourself for fucking up in the first place, no excuses, no second chances, and both men and women and men had a say in making the baby sometimes, right? so it is a mutual decision to have an abortion; it is both your decisions. What do you think? Anything to add? If you do, let me know in the comments below; this isn't dogma, say what you want. If I'm wrong, I'll be corrected!

Everyone can become manic. There are drugs that make you like that. So you have to know that anyone should be respected.

Want to think freely? Want to think of an eternal comfort for you? Why are you restricted in doing so? Is it healthier to think? To have options and opportunities, to become?

Hearing voices? What's wrong with that? Are you free? To listen? Sure. It's your own creation. Everyone lives internally, then externally. You are not to be domineered by society, and can freely hear your voices. Want to be crazy? Why the fuck not? People want to control you so you don't fuck up. Don't be selfish. When your loved one passed, you loved him? He went to HEAVEN, then. If you love him, then you are being Satanic when you cry out for him; you have to thank God for His Providence, for where he ended up. Stop being selfish! Constricting emotionality, making people unable to feel emotions, that fuel creativity (for experience makes you smart) telling people threatening things, and committing acts of murder, is a horrible example if the murderer is immoral. People who have no chance of becoming Prayerful? What of them? Do they necessarily harm us? Yes. 

sex fucks you up you subject yourself to diseases and it lasts like 10 minutes, enjoy your food, i guess, yes, it's healthy, but you were healthy and happier before or?

Everyone is a genius. Everyone has meaning. Everyone is talented in different ways. Everyone is valuable. Everyone is an angel. Everyone. It is your duty to respect your neighbors.

People need to know that hope is eternal. There are billions; try. Hope. Have faith. People can show up you never knew were there. Don't be self-defeating! There has to be, so...try. Think. Don't be hateful. Respect. Love. Respect all.

Wear what you want. Try everything. But don't sacrifice who you can become. Everyone in the world should live on. The world shouldn't stop, so keep hoping.

Racism makes no sense. Are you kinder or more spiritual than MLK Jr.? Do you trust Jeffrey Dahmer, the murderous, rageful scary, more? One is. Pick! 

Cultural generalizations are important. They aren't racist. Do Asians have higher math scores? Be happy! I wish I was smarter. But the thing is, everyone has talents and weaknesses. You shouldn't feel superior for some false. One culture is not better than another. America is a young nation. It's a nation of lots of people. You're living in a place made by people who don't know you. That means you have to respect everyone around you, and make sure everyone is well-fed, at least and happy and not morose and not sadistic! I think Middle-Easterners are not that stupid. Pyramids? Mathematics? Lots of shit. That's a lot. Blacks shouldn't be discriminated against, as there are Black Egyptians. They make you cry. They make. Anyway, off-topic, but every culture has traits, but don't feel that they made themselves. Everyone is talented. Everyone is a genius. Everyone loves. Everyone shouldn't hate, but people need to learn patience and not anger, and to be good always, and to be happy and jolly indeed.

Halloween is funny, and sad, too, and the devilish treats aren't great, but it's supposed to be funny not crazy

Not everyone goes to HEAVEN. Not everyone goes to HELL. There are in-betweens. Really good? Really, really, really good? Then you'll go to a better place.

There'll be no flesh-treats in Heaven. The body goes away. No point. You have a soul, a thought process. That'll join you there? No! It's incomprehnsibly beautiful, and you have to wait. You can only imagine right now!

Hell is bereft of any souls. You'll be tormented for your sins, to a degree you can't imagine now (you are not God! You didn't create this Earth, outerspace is boring, nothing's there, keep staring) 

Do you like the Sistine Chapel? Are you better than Michelangelo? He was devout.

Do you like gravity? Isaac Newton was devout.

Do you like Albert Eistein? He was a prick. He fucked up his son's life, and left EduardEinstein in a mental hospital, while he is cashing out at CaliforniaTechnical, and he, too, still had deistic beliefs, so to 

William James, father of psychology, very good man.

Friedrich Nietzsche. Daddy was a preacher. He fucked him up, and is a narcissist. That's why the writing look like that. It comes out. IT doesn't make sense even, it's just redundant arguments. For instance, is God and then he stops. To taunt you. Little come-ons blur. Stay away from this man.

Sigmund Freud fucked up his wife's life, was a cokehead, not a good treatment for any condition right now, right, has a fucked up legacy (Grandson, who loved him, was a prolific child molester). Freud killed patients with cocaine. Not a good

Religions are a pathway. Everything is a step forward. There are no shortcuts. You aren't suddenly heaven-bound if you destroyed. You have to take accountability, then let yourself honestly learn. How to grow. The Bible is man-made, the Torah is, The Quran is. Jesus was a person. But he didn't do anything out of the ordinary. The same with Mohammed. The same with these other people. It's not that there are so many religions. It's just that none of this happened. There is no evidence of that.

Talk to God, and you'll go insane. That's not right. I mean, you'll develop psychosis eventually. But you have to talk to God all the time. In real time. Make the right decisions. Make the bold. Don't stop. Keep believing. Fight forward. You must keep on fighting. Be Godly. Kill the Satanic influence, if it is real to you it doesn't really matter if it's real to others, but it should be noted that everyone seems to have a moral conscience, and that's not the issue, the issue is making people happy and safe and that is Godly and protecting God and making sure God wins

Do not kill. Do not harm. Do not? Or be saintly. It is a personal decision to be self-destructive for God. Yes. To destroy oneself for God. Yes, or you can resign to earthly healthiness. But the truth is, when you get sick, you can destroy your spirituality, so do you want to glorify God in your health and be sure to save your selves to be healthy, but do not destroy God in the process and try to abuse God

Fat? That's okay. If it makes you spiritually correct, keep eating. Don't hurt yourselves. That's silly. There is no point to that.

Are you fat and bullied? You know weight has a genetic component? It does.

You have no right to insult. It is as bad as racism, and it is worse because the stigma lingers

Height is, too, genetic. A tall person has the same shape as a small person. The bodies are the same, and both are to be protected in both sexes, and it is just socially-ingrained discrimination ultimately, and it needs to be stopped.

Mental illness is real. It is subjective. You can be normal either way; it's just a definition, discriminatorily so. Emotionality seems to be better, and who knows what you might hear if you keep listening

Words are words. God created them not to be abused or neglected or taken advantage of, but to be used colorfully, and preserved.

Art is created from emotions. There is, indeed, a link. Normal people get drunk and high to feel emotions, so everyone's mentally ill.

Don't fall in love until you're mature. That is where people mess up. You need to focus on who you'll spend the life w

Practicing fucks you up. Just think of why all the relationships are fucked up. You picked a rando

Choose the harder routes always. Just because it looks good, doesn't mean it is.

Alcohol makes you escape and lazy and unable to handle life's fullness, and be sure to avoid it because it is 1. Addictive (so necessarily bad and fatal) but more because it disturbs the natural mood cycles, so if you want to be healthy and not disturb them, do not engage in ANY drinking. It is all destructive to your health.

Those street drugs shouldn't be used. They aren't legit-treatments. Like pick up some Lithium if you're desperate, but they all fuck u up and some make u think about killing people and that you're Jesus or Jehovah or Mohammed and that's really weird. everyone fucks up like that, and that's weird

Make drugs legal. All of them. It's an individual choice to be self-destructive, but it's just the same as lots of other weapons

ban guns, though. no point. protect yourself? stop being scary. Take your afterlife as it comes. hunting is killing innocence

Why believe in God?

Jail is a place where faith doesn't die personally it grows, but you can't share it, and that's the problem. Being faithful means expressing your faith. When it is restricted to a population you don't want to be in, then you cannot be as evangelistic, and that's problematic.

I don't read weird philosophy books. I don't read fiction unless I expect to get paid, like Virginia Woolf. These are not stolen. That would be make me unauthentic.

God created

Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media, established the Proud Boys in 2016.

That war is contested by 30 student groups. They're not Jihadists, just because they look that way. I doubt 30 Harvard student groups are Jihadists, so don't hurt them, they're saying give peace a chance, they're saying some Hamas members are like shooting Palestenians, too, like terrorists, and i don't like the idea of supporting a racist government, that does apartheid, Amnesty-confirmed, or that's got a racist leader, Bernie-approved. There are so many Proud Boys. How many? They're all terrorists. Can they be jailed? They are by necessity hateful, adn more dangerous to America. Lots of people dying from hunger. Can you send the money there? Lots of Americans? How many? Under 30? Under 100? Remove them. If you can't, it's kind of their fault for being such a precarious region. But, yes, spend the money on removing Americans. Don't harm any American, and don't bring the war home. You're going to create hatred. The Jewish people are made to look very small. Weak. Infantile. In need of a helping hand donation. If that's your aim, then ? They aren't going to pitch in like we did when we're in a pinch. Are we poor? WTF. Money isn't important. Anyone can be happy anywhere. It's just one brain you got at the end of the day, and it can be happy anywhere. Money doesn't make you healthy. Access to health does. What makes you healthy? GOD