the last abuse is that i don't exist,

so to stop that i'll say beautiful work mom and dad and sister and brother and grandfather and grandmother and friends and blended families and theirs, who have made us so loving and kind, just as were to be, and smart, not deceived, even by the darkest worker, Satan and his and her darkworkers, who cannot be brought to the light their eyes can't see it, and it was their fault to be so destructive, because we were only kind and loving, take responsibility and blame yourselves, as we will congratulate our friends

There are so few good girls and boys, so I'll split too, one for us, to preserve ourselves and protect God and Churches and Temples and Mosques, but most of all to leave you in the shithole you created, to rot

As you men and women created hell on earth, i have to remind you that i can keep making heaven on earth to end your hell, and find where you've been wherever so it's an ideal