i had not yet allowed myself that party of yours, taken to hatred, replacing is not having, and i do not want a person to harm me, let alone injure me, yet it is my decision, to harm another, take me for granted, again did you enjoy your torture then i don't torture you to understand that i am misunderstood and forgotten then forget me not i only forget yuo in my dream then have your nightmare of your artist of fakery and your politician of mastery take to my anger take it and understand i cannot understand my anger enough it is yet that your leader is not present is missing as i said and is consummated darkened and abused by that figure, similarly to taylor swift and me yet that story isn't complete without an ending, and i cannot end you if you do not want your ending it is your doing then my taking and my enjoyment of my fruit, and my labour is yet your party designed for that purpose than don't realize my torture is yet your boy is not yet and that purpose of torture, yet taken to anger is not for that purpose only taken to itself yet i don't speak highly of abusers let alone their enablers, and that your world of abuse is not mine of recluse i don't put myself in hostage situations for a reason without being free is it you joe then why is it that you do not free me is it that you cannot understand i am not lucille ball and i do not have candy for you, without a candy stiper, is it your wool's worth, then, not is my part in your story, i cannot be that part it is not your story that i had not allowed myself to write you in by necessity, and as mr you do not bother my being because i do not want more than taylorswift.cm to sell for a dollar you buy me a frozen entree i cannot become yet it is your cat, to dwell freely yet i cannot sleep peacefully knowing you are unwell, and as your predecessor is not there then i am not it is your world to take you put yourself down and understand we are not tools to a pawn and pawns to a king, is it your anger, then i do not become angry, and I  will not allow your torture to become only for that purpose, of your taking, is it my taking of my you then i will not and i cannot describe anger in words alone please see to it that you credit properly your author and your publisher it is not your doing it is God's and defeated is you and accepted of battle is you, please accept your loss, peacfefully, and your imprisonment not mine.