The never feels threatened. True, it's an archaic idea. It's wrong, because he is protected by so much security, more than anyone alive. Such individuals are encouraged and strengthened when feared. Are you afraid? Do you know the person individually? Are you adept with psychiatric knowledge, the proper ways of helping others, rather than the ways that have proven not to work at all, which harm instead of help? 

Taylor Swift doesn't even know where her fans are? They're right beside her, not wandering around, saying threatening words. However, the second Taylor makes one of these "fake threat accusations," and they're never real, because anyone is susceptible to a threat really, like in her calculated attacks, and because no one knows how to threaten anyone realistically, she should be jailed for every false report. She is not scared, ever. She is fearless. She is a brutal person. She shouldn't harm others, but she relies on institutions to help her do so. People who love her are blind to her violence; she isn't moody, but scary. She is a dangerous person, but her friends aren't scared, because they're protected in a system of power abuse.

There was a 10-year-old Floridian who was tortured in a jail for a silly comment, in a text, but Taylor is responsible for the most abuse in history for one person. She was told by several people to stop the abuse. She didn't. When she stood up at the concert, and said "stop bullying my," or something silly, she did it before a song "Dear John," that was about someone who shouldn't be protected anyway, but is considered by him to be bullying. In fact, according to an article, the cyberbullying against him didn't even quell. Abusers shouldn't abuse, and the comments are gross, and not in the single digits. It's about time. #timesup

I do not know you. I do not want you around. People involved are cowards, liars, conartists, aggressors, threateners, and rape-enablers. The persons involved need to be arrested, as well. 

The rape taunts, the comments to get tortured, the abuses, the lies, the attempts to mock me for living, the criminality, the aggression, the lies, the abuses, the criminals, the dangers, the horrors, you are responsible for them. Abusers are violent, not kind. You are scary and perhaps the first female to be compared to a school shooter, especially one who is famous.

When someone harms, they don't do directly when it's the worst. People who abuse are violent, and very sneaky. She is abusing a lot of people. Not just Kanye West, Not Just Scooter Braun, but everyone. She gets away with it. Like every person she has arrested for writing a joke threat, she needs to be arrested right now, just like everyone else is, mugshot and all.

Tension between Swift, Braun and Borchetta took an allegedly “threatening” turn last week after Swift took to social media to urge her fans to “let Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun know how you feel” about what she described as unfair restrictions placed on the performance of her songs produced by BMLG and alleged bullying behavior by the men.

As reported by Page Six, Braun’s Nashville office was forced to shut down Friday “following threats allegedly sparked by Taylor Swift’s claim she was being bullied and barred from performing her old hits.” The “threats,” which Page Six notes were not reported to Nashville authorities, followed Swift posting a lengthy message to her fans on social media Thursday accusing the two men of forbidding her from performing her old songs at the American Music Awards and Borchetta telling her to “stop talking about him and Scooter Braun.”

For the first time publicly, Braun addressed the increasingly bitter battle between BMLG and Swift, which he said has gotten “out of hand,” resulting in “death threats” and “offices being closed.” Though he refused to go into specifics about her complaints, Braun condemned the practice of airing grievances publicly that should be addressed privately and choosing to be “politically correct” over trying to achieve “conflict resolution.”

“I haven’t talked about this in six months. Not once. I haven’t made a statement about it,” Braun said during a Q&A at the 2019 Entertainment Industry Conference

“Despite our persistent efforts to find a private and mutually satisfactory solution, Taylor made a unilateral decision … to enlist her fan base in a calculated manner that greatly affects the safety of our employees and their families.” Nashville police said no threats were reported.

Once you ignore death threats, you are making the death threat. On behalf of Scooter Braun and other victims, including many with histories of suicide attempts, you are being forced to address the threat: Alison Taylor. She is a criminal. None of this is legal. She isn't to be a rolemodel of bad behavior. Enabling death threats, encouraging death threats, this is not legal. She needs to be imprisoned, like any fan is for listening to her easter eggs the right way,,,,