i write about more, more expecting to hit and their forcefulness and rape sexual abuse

Today is a day

A day to stay,

So God can bless.

All people are okay,

The world prays

MI6’s Mina Morning Prayer February 23, 2024

I think the weirdo

Is still weird.

But transmuting,

Meaning he will try to be evil, unmeaningfully

this guy

He thinks he’s a evil character now,

But that would and wouldn’t simultaneously

Meaning that would be impossible.

Such behavior is not only illegal, but self-defeating

UK doesn’t mean? It does,

so UK is United Kingdom, a place, a feeling, but most of all what’s legal and right

disgusting today, raping children actively to do so, using torture methods that are combined, stealing locations likely personal conversations only with people who care about racial propriety; it's extremely disappointing like i'm getting terrorist e-mails i get only spam (so you're saying?