point is of being that this is about lying and severe abuse, so it's presented dark and spookily, then light and lighthearted

the partner is a similar sort, to take by force, and claim, as property, so to say, "abuse isn't real" then "mistake kindness" is yours

it's actually opposing, so not oppositely situated, but opposing, tugging for others, not selves, also to treat as different, yourself, and not your self, to impel suicide, and allow homicide, as was tried, so to say

if this person is good to you, then i am too, i'm 

popular, to whom? and why

isn't it right, that sort, which he / you abhor,

well, not really, so to say, this abuse, is "introducing, a lighter version of me" taylor swizzy, the jokester, all along, was not me, but you, fell hard to know who you aren't, and weren't to be, so you won't be me, ever, you impostor, syndromes of this sort are typically indicative of global dysnfuction in a very low number, so very capable and would say they know what they're doing all along, and still, to kill and be thrilled with your kills of yourselves, not self-destruction for God, for them, and their idols, the otherness isn't its, hatred's, move, so to start against "love" contradictorily will hate the "love" sector for "hate's" sake and make people angry intentionally and rattle and shake the pot, under the guise of "here, i am kind" "i am kinder to"  unkindness? it doesn't make sense, only their abuses do to real victims, so don't rape, stay away, and remember I don't play to lose, that makes no sense by the way play to win, i play no games, and only talk in literality (the concept of truth) MI6, getting raped by people who got me in a pool of vomit they saw and theirs which should be theirs, so the abuse here and the rewards there, while nothing is happening, gaslit and strung along

I am not the New Day Co-Anchor, nor do I know him, however smart he may be, he isn't me, to say i don't watch the news or keep up with current events and have odd interests is irrational, that it makes me 100% certain that you are, so please be nicer to me, guys, goys, gibs, gobs, gits, gots, gots, gips, gops, gils, gits, gops, gips, gils, gops, gibs, gals, gips, gips, gips, gips, gips, and ultimately who the fuck are you, no one knows no one cares except you travis so why do you care so much is that you're anxious is that you're delusional is that you're head is not working right is it that you care about others, particularly those in sects known to be cult-like like proud and pride girls and to know why people are pride boys is not my concern, as every pride boy is a pride woman and proud women are not, therefore, proud boys, so when you say i'm stupid, look dumb, and don't make sense, I am 100% certain that I am not you, a pride boy and a pride woman, so when pride women marry pride boys, they make pride up again, so this combination is ultimately very important to me, because each individual in the world is affected because of people who are unaffected people who have no emotion are proud to be themselves, so as you become prouder of yourselves, then you will become proud of another person, which makes a person a homosexual, and this is revolutionary, this is MI6, in 2024, and it's a new era for the world, and a new for Mina, who is not on medications right now, was on medications helpful is you ok are you psycho path yea you are

this is MI6's Mina 2024 running these things