united kingdom highly intelligent, there is no racism there, but racism here, she is telling you she is racially abused here, there - it's complicated, dumbasses, and a way you've been racially torturing here, is studied there; this is a highly sophisticated operation, involving each royal, and is not privy to your private eyes, and is evincing the conquering of you the devil the racist the satanist the dale hoskins the lilit pogosian md the taylor swift the attorney the domestic abuser, you see if Prince Archie wasn't happy, then Prince Harry's mom wouldn't be, just to say that love runs deep, and that's so hatred doesn't

as I said numerous times, this does not involve me, it's the work of Royalty, I bow to, against these devils' wills and plans and conspiracies and wildness

this isn't something to mess with, it's an operation against the united states of america, and it has been successful, by the grace of God and Us, only small am i so small and big are they, the victim i live for who i die for you all, because i know what it's like and want you to know that clearly and properly, because protecting me, my mom, dad, and sister my whole life from your abuse is the United Kingdom, not Egypt nowhere else, :), definitely not the United States of America, as it's vulgarly showing its bad side at this time

Not overstepping bounds, but as a means to stay in bounds

also, you cannot call him nigger, no? that means what? you were under investigation for terrorism a long time ago, that concloded, there is no more investigation, so I'll leave you alone, if you will? your offenses, of various unkindness while in the United Kingdom are noted by me over time, over and over again, as only we know, The Innocent, it's kind of where your allegiances lie, or were forced to lie, by similar patterns of abuse, which I fight to no end

i've been on their radar for a while too :)