I provide this as a charity service. I don't have biases. I want people to be healthy, and to stay healthy you WILL HAVE TO avoid who I said to avoid before, all of them.

A lot of people just make people sick for fun, and you don't even know it. You HAVE to win this battle, for God

(People! When someone hates! When someone then loves the hated! That's so scary....so don't believe them the first time {things aren't forever, ever

do not harm people\harm no one, please, does that make sense? some people love hurting others and make that their entire ethos } when someone does this, it's scary!

What do you do if you're scared of someone, someone's friends or yourself "just don't do it" (people who harm are not harmless [it's more fun to have true fun, Love

People who know that hopes are cool, stay hoping!