i am not a toy. i am not a fucking toy. i am not a fucking toy. i have proven that I am sane. I have proven to not be any "threat," any imagined "threat," anyone who can threaten anyone, anyone who like people to threaten others, i am not a toy, i am not a toy, i am not a toy, i am indeed toying with you right now, because you've tried to make me angry, but that didn't work. Do you know after all you've done I'm still strong and. not angry? It's because I am not an angry person. You, however, are angry. You cannot understand. You cannot do art, science, philosophy, mathematics, psychiatry. 

I am a genius. I invented the concept of manic depression, before I knew Kraepelin existed! I am a genius. I do not have moods. I am not even cyclothymic. You are all abusers who are narcissists. Narcissists are abusers. You are not to toy with me.

(You are so stupid, Mr. Paul Zayat. You committed a crime that day, Edgar and Anthony. You are not to be toying with people. You toyed with a genius. You are not smart, even, not even intelligent. You do not know anything about art. You are artless Devils. People like Alana. People like Taylor. People like stupid things, like pet tricks. You are evil, David Letterman,  you are an abuser, and are guilty of rapes that never were discussed, and I will reveal them tomorrow at 8PM on 60 Minutes on CBS. You are Evil, Dr. Pogosian, a racist, and a person of worldwide interest right now, a person who worked with no one significant even, a person who lived in a metropolis, but failed to become popular, a person of no interest to me, who is prosaic, completely dull-minded and stupid! You are evil, FBI, because you participated in an abuser's actions, you are abusive, scary, narcissisitc, abusive, and dumb. People like dumb things, but I don't like you. Do you know why? Do you? Are you able to comprehend? Are you able to define words? Are you able to find a timestamp on a timestamped image, stranger? Do you have any intellectual capacity, because you can't find an attachment on an e-mail that is predicated on that attachment, that is a video, that isn't a picture even, that is an attachment, that is about something that you did again, that proves you do not like people, do not understand art, do not understand how to use a computer. You are all so stupid and Evil. However, there is one thing left to say; I am not a toy. I will not be a fucking toy. You are scary, all of you, not scared. You are an abuser, 

You are not a fucking genius, Taylor, Alana, et cetera. You are barely literate, and a reflection of bad taste in the culture. You do not define art. You are artless, devoid of emotions. You are not interesting to me, and I am a superior artist. You do not define music. You are making music that sounds like a cartoon, that is repetitive, angry, scary, narcisisstic, scary, stupid. You are not talented, writers. You are not talented at understanding art. You would be in the art field if you were. A person like me is not to be toyed with. I will not be a toy to anyone in the world. Do you know why, though? Do you? Do you? Of course you don't. Do you know why not? Because liars are artless. And Taylor is a proven liar. She will not win. I will not allow it. People who abuse people are not to be rewarded, but the FBI rewards her everyday, with tricks to help her, with agents designed specifically for her. She is not a person. She is somewhat robotic, totally stupid, and a person who should be in jail. I will not be a victim of hers, nor will I be her artist-to-abuse. You are not talented, Taylor. You are abusing me. You are not to be rewarded. 

You are not a person, even. You are a monster. You are scary. You are untalented. 

You are not to toy with me. I will not be toyed with. I am not a victim. You are a new abuser in the world, Dr. P. And I will let it be known. You are not to torture others. You are guilty. You are abusive. You are an asshole. You look stupid. I don't lie. I will never lie. 

If you think about talking about my dad again. You. Will. Talk. To. A person I know. My emergency contact, again. Do you know who that is? It isn't Ronan. It isn't the police. It is a person of interest, now. Do you know who that is? A person. 

You are not a toy. You are not to be toyed with. You are a great genius. You are not to be toyed with.

You are not a toy.

You are not a toy.

You are a fucking conartist, Shiva. 

You are a liar, Shiva.

You are lying, Shiva.

You are caught in a web of lies, FBI. 

I am not going to help you, FBI, solve crimes for yourselves.

I am not a toy. I am not a fucking toy.

I am not crazy. You are crazy, obviously. You are not an interesting woman, Taylor Swift. You are so stupid for listening to her. You are being told not to listen to Taylor. She is a liar. She is a conartist. She will be arrested.

I am not a toy. 

I am not a fucking toy.

If you toy with me, I will toy with your father. You are not allowed to do that, Mr. Wray. You are a criminal right now. You cannot abuse me further. You are a racist, you are a liar, you are piece of work, aren't you, you are not to abuse others, you are not to take advantage of innocent people who were raped, like Simone. 

If you think that people like this have fun with others, you are the same. You are not a good person, you are a bad person, you are an abuser, you are taking advantage of me for fun.

If you think that anyone at Samsung or Taylor INC or HAIM INC. or anyone.

Samsung cares. You do not care, Samsung. You enabled this. You looked like a fucking dumbass, by the way. You are not my friend. You know, people in the FBI, sometimes right? You are not an FBI agent, you are an agent for yourself, and I do not know you anymore, Shiva. You are a liar, a deceitful woman, a horrid soul, a person of worldwide interest right now, but who refuses to talk. Do you know why you lied to a priest ? Do you have terrorist leanings, do you know any terrorists, do you know anyone who is able to stop terrorrism, like others? Do you know anyone with any shred of dignity in the FBI? You are not a sane person, whomever is in charge, you are crazy, you are a violent thing, a person of interest in a true hateful event. You are not sane. (I am a man, not your toy.) (I am not a fucking toy. 

People (Magazine) is not a good source, FBI. You are uninteresting, abusive, narcissistic, scary, lying, torturing, and that's not acceptable to me. Do you know why that isn't amenable to acceptability? I still don't know. However, I can suggest that people who hurt others indiscriminately, like now in times of war, are scared of things, like me, money, heartfulness, soul, strength, honesty, tactfulness, elegance, and, most, Godliness. However, there is one last thing to say I am not a toy. You are toying with a genius, who isn't crazy. Your insinuation that I have any shred of madness is me is indicative of your psychopathy. I am not a toy. You have not allowed your parents even to know what's going on.

Genius • Mina • I am a genius. I am not crazy. You are crazy because you are Evil, and people should know that! Now people know! You are Evil! You are not to be torturing others with women, nor are you allowed to torture a genius. I am not a tortured genius. I am a genius who found out that you, in the FBI, are able to abuse others with tricks and traps. Also, you are not to be talking about others like me in public, Dr. Pogosian. You are not a criminal? You are a psycho? You, and your buddy, Shiva, are not allowed to abuse others. You are lying to a big company, to seem heroic. You got caught in a web of lies, a web of deceit, a web of hatred, you are Evil, Dr. Pogosian, Dr. Evil hahaha, you are not a good person, you are just a reflection of people who are more powerful than you, like me. You are not a person, even. You are a Liar, a conartist, and a sham, Taylor. You are not a good person, you are Evil, you are Scary, and, worst of all, you are so UnAmerican.

I am not a porcelain doll. I am not a pathological liar. I am not a hater. I am not one of you!

abusers aren't funny, but they laugh with each other while abusing, killing to abuse, just doing things to mock and jeer


Harmful, much, ? Scary, much? Lying to others is not a good trait, people who kill are indiscriminate in their ways, creatures of stupidity, not intelligence (people who lack propriety and self-respect, cowards, criminals, lowlives, aggressives who lack initiative in all important areas, {people who harm are scary naturally } - [people who kill? or is it the guns that kill? well, what gun causes more damage; a life lost, pain extinguished at least on earth, or torture, 'fake cries for help are not fake, and Call For Help is, indeed, a tech Talk Show, of which it was a pioneering 1, |people who kill are not to have fun afterwards, and there are no prizes; prizes are not people who are smarter and stronger, , pPeople who kill are not funny people, but angry! People who kill do not care, are scary, violent, inane, repetitive, dumb

i will not tolerate killing :  killing is scary

Taylor Swift was notified that people have money and fun sometimes. She is an abuser for the government, as she abuses people who love others. She is a racist. She is a proud piece of shit, with leanings that are scary. I would like to see her arrested. She is a liar. People are not allowed to torture. You are torturing a mind with women, like Alana Haim. You are lying to the world, and you look sooooooooooo dumb! You are not to be abusing others. You are an abuser EDGAR D., ANTHONY F., FBI (F, U. 

You are not animals, people, please become humans. Humans aren't toys, Dr. Pogosian, you are gross, filthy, ugly, dirty, angry, stupid, dumb, lying