viva sectionals!

red is a manic color, CVS Pharmacy

scary-and-worried, because i thought kathy was my friend n now i see her there, and it could be weird like those other things, those things that show this person is not Kathy, a person who is Kathy wouldn't abandon Daisy

do you know Lilit's odor; it's active pedophile odor, disturbing an odor it isn't, it does'nt disturb and couldn't and won't disturb The Innocent

yea, but long flight to Australia

red dot australia doesn't mean that; it's a Leica fan page, not a reference to any cyclic mood, like mania, in which one thinks herself too much

give a drug dealer a fair shake? zero tolerance policy

"I'm gonna get the mentally ill off the street"

having something you don't own, isn't me