Accepting the award Nelson Mandela said: “Like Amnesty International, I have been struggling for justice and human rights, for long years. I have retired from public life now. But as long as injustice and inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest. We must become stronger still.

“Through the work of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and The Mandela Rhodes Foundation, I am continuing my struggle for human rights.”

On the same occasion the organization presented Nelson Mandela and the Nelson Mandela Foundation with five volumes of public reports and campaigns issued by Amnesty International between the 1960s and 1994 on human rights abuses in South Africa.

In accepting the Ambassador of Conscience Award, Nelson Mandela graciously acknowledged Amnesty International’s contribution in the fight for human rights.

Nelson Mandela was a victim of great injustice, tried and sentenced under a system of apartheid founded on racism and denied a fair trial.

"You're the U.S. government. We're supposed to be allies with Israel. You can't tell them to just stop bombing for few hours and get our citizens out?" Al Shurafa said. "Our own people are running from our allies."

Such feelings of neglect have fed into a complicated attitude many Palestinian Americans have toward their adopted home and its Middle East policy. Many feel shunned because of the U.S. government's ongoing support for Israel, including some who immigrated to America before Israel was founded in 1948.

"There will never be a collective American effort to help Americans with hyphenated Arab identity, specifically a hyphenated Palestinian identity. That's pretty clear," she said. She and other Palestinian Americans have taken to social media, she added, to raise awareness of what is happening in Gaza. 

You are being led by someone who thinks an 86-year-old can properly lead the world; that is medically erroneous. (The members of these 31 groups are not terrrorists. Because it's not being said, people who don't want to kill are not terrorists. Rather, they are Godly, abiding by the Spiritual!