-America ain't supposed to be in reverse, satanist country, marilyn manson, taylor swift

where the muslims come from china that suspiciosuly similar to fabrications



IF YOU HAD YOUR BOY GONE CRAZY ON PILLS AND HE WHOSE NOW, then you wouldn't want to kill and rape and fucking destroy everything

if you had your moms angry and then she vanished, to a fucking torture chamber, with no windows just violent rape images as she's too drugged up to say i am ok to meet you

if you had your pops in a fucking jail, with a nigga bleedin next to you, sayin i'm in love with you, can i be yours, and can i be yours? and he like to say you kinda weird and he smashed, would you fucking not mind you fucking weirdos i

on did something, this wasn't right i do not like fucking enabling abusers it about kindness not softness that hurt kinda not Us, We Innocent, We Fought Back Everything, not me tho, they black islamic women brutalized, taylor swift's matty's helay fantasy on tape she watchin while he aint sayin she hers and he know she kissin other dudes the same time as he was raping a fucking bank account for this it ain't right

FBI and CIA are classified as terrorist organizations at the United Nations unofficially because of their terrorism to the United Nations, not a joke, you can confer, and if you think Ronan Farrow ain't a man, how come Mister Sinatra got them at gunpoint crying to their mama for a coddle session and the United Kingdom too you can confer FBI and CIA and probably should, but you're pussies! those who abuse children and nope

I got sad

I got raped

I got raped and sad and?

Its’ four in the morning, i’m angry

To know limits, just to help of yourself is not caring

To cair is to know;

Someone who presents with symptoms of, always a secondary opinon, to know torture is to know yourself


“Hatred’s hater”

“””The bitch hatreds’ hater”””

b: c (urgent) aa (physical) a->bbCaiP (psych) 

LL (vv a two)

a person of hate isn't a person of love to hate to love is to not hate love and also if you hated love you wouldn't not know love and hate, to say you're gone is a mystery to me, and a person to see, that wouldn't could be, as be a wee, and to ri ah lap (Brendon doesn't play electronics), anyway if you want to be weird can you stop its too much and too unforgiving disgusting asses I swear

do not approach to help gross as rapist americans (esatan) who don't give a shit this is about you and your pieces of ass

The fact is that there is still a serial killer and Jeffrey Dahmer on the loose should have scared some and coerced action, just that's what abusers do with each other, they enable to others they want or have baued, it's not normal, it's scary, indeed; so do beware of this, if you kill one person, how could you it's really how could you it's really unforgivable

but if you torture a person, like animal torture with psychopahts, then that's just scary, and that it was legal as recently as the early 2000s and currently still legally active in the Camp Justice, Cuba, dungeness crabs know that you can snap back, and get what you deserve, it isn't legal to be scared, and none of these tortures were supposed to be known, all cases are fake, so to torture more, and now because they got caught, they do it psychologically, indeed it's very traumatic, these other sites, the Black Salt Site, is horrific, and many torturers with the seal of approval took people from your villages to dungeons were they were torrtured not for seconds, not accidental, but intentionaly for two decades, that's like twenty years, some people are under the age of 19 know it's not right to smoke, so they smoked with kids to make them babies, that were delivered elsewhere, to be found, like there goes a potential life; it's so wrong, and was and is so scary to talk about, as anything resembling "t" should appall most people, if not outrage; it's abuse this, all, why you can't see the obvious neo-nazis are Nazi, far-right doesn't exist as there is only one, white nationalists are code for satanists, so many deep layers of abuse to unpeel and you don't like doing so, in front of thers, blame-shifting, victim-shifting, you're my victim, no you're victimized, it's so wrong, and you're not stupid, a lot of smart people are duped, like Usain Bolt lost everything, flat broke, no tire pressure knows how to harm intentionally, so please, know that it isn't right, take a leave to stay, and don't, but you did, to sound professional, it's not that smart, just breathing this air to feel good, but it's the air of victims, their blood and screams, for help, so it takes incredible feats of courage and might, and most of all, trust

Trusting that person to be your friend, and to know how kind, and how sweet,

Such people get paid, to hurt? \

So if we tell him he's cool, is he really? Does he have cool toys and activities? Is someone active, to remind me (huh?), and is your statement to know strangeness, so odd and not interesting, angering those who care, but hew as 39 and the others were 90 and helper 01 _ 01 it's a special one

stop abusing other, to feel their uniqueness, nice people don't get angry when they gave them fakely, I have to say

there are many people who are kind in the world, but not Taylor Swift

they were not overrun nor overtaken, nor mob, nothing urgent, don't restore what's been taken, not by force, not an emergency, but to stay as an emergency, to know they are in a "steady down" position, meaning they're done with, to know false start, also saying odd much? kind of thing

Tom MacDonald is a wrestler, wrestling is fake, and is married to a wrestler, both need to be watched as are extremely violent, and work together to hurt,chalk-up,acttough,andtakefromchildren,andalsolowaintthewaytolook                      scarily

well, today, i got really sad, because my friend missed her dad, and it made sadness, out of joy, which is nicer than having no emotions but honestly a little bit hard

i can say it's nice always, to be nice

always nice, to be attacked (not really!) but it hurts, right? it sure does

i remember the first days

it was a love you a lot, then i love you less than a lot, then a lot less! so worth less you are? a less worth of yours? i am not lesser than anyone. I am confident. Brashly so, I would never let someone take my self-esteem, oh you feel bad? Well, honestly, you made me awful (-feel MI6's Mina), and to know that, didn't diminish my confidence, but expressed it as such;

God will and by necessity Be Done, Love is alive in the air today,

to destroy? to lift up? no, that's silly talk; it's about the heaviness the strangeness, which is you, not to be mistaken; so when you hurt, are you spared any collateral evidence of injury

i think not, to say didn't no really interested but stop asking? If you ask me out again, i'll tell m to tell you to fuck off and try to until he goes away completely