i made a strange observation about the nature of duality now, that some people hate, some violently so many haters as if it's in their bloodline(s)s, and a deliberate attempt by bigwigs to kill to make money in unison

money meaning money sex perversion pedophilia abuse blame-shifting to churches, say, and abusing men and women, together, to torture

the cia torture program was so luckily discovered by whom and i also need to know why that's only the surface (meaning don't judge a book a by its cover, as covers are frequently used similarly - racistly)

let's just say if i didn't pick up the phone, i'd be deadened by abuser(s)s like someone who fabricated an entire thing to abuse

so that was forced - as a backup 

and also to do that later

it's a little complicated but not really

these are not isolated few, not to be shifted to someone innocent, and so overpowering and terrifying to me, but it isn't really that scary - it's just a lot of abusers torturing so many tortures, like i'll even blame the Japanese kind of torturing (not to let it propagate) and persians for weird overseas flights (to take islamic women's virginity, and islamic men's mary virginity)

it isn't a "cult" or "scam" these are scam words like "occult" and "Satan" be careful 

this is mina i am alive and well today and i don't represent fake people, like mask-wearers (you were born in America, and abused with Satanists, not Spirituals, it just so happens most Spiritual people are colored)

Lithium should be sold OTC, but is instead held hostage by drug companies, who sell the same toxic mixtures to make money and serial kill, like CBD is really bad? i don't know it's otc at Erewhon, however, it could be a better treatment (makes people feel better) if adjusted appropriately, but it does indeed cause psychosis (does it? do people who are manic do really strong things, like lift up things they can't physically?) i think you need to avoid alcohol and drugs, like i did and do, as these substances disrupt natural mood cyclicity, and Omega-3, shoutout my discovery, well independently at least :), is what you're looking better than salty waters (this is humanitarian work, but it doesn't mean humanistic_

I was raped and tortured by the pharmaceutical industries and their partner-in-chief, the police and CVS Pharmacy, not every rX pharmacy, i duwanna kill kids but avoid doctors, it's a corporation that has silently overtaken Rite-Aid, without anyone noticing 

it's actually a joined thing, all these abusers

when remini was followed, was it scientology (anti-drug ostensibly) or druggies and their distributor CVS

2/17/24 - trapped still with those abusers, weirdo

CVS ruined killed the leading researcher Dr. Frederick Goodwin, he loved kids, didn't abuse them with sicknessesmaniacallypedophicallynarcisisticvallytorturingmakinganyonelessthanmedeadinstantly, well I just assume so because you don't deal with Dr. Jamison, Dr. Not Rapist, grossnessnexciumadjacent someone you've decided to not lead your psychiatric drug distributions