I am against all forms of insurrection all forms of anti-government behaviors all forms of rebellion

I hate insurrectionists

I hate anti-government sorts

I hate violent rebels

I hate coups, disrespect of authority, and anyone without tact

people who hurt others embarass me

people who claim they are heroes when in fact killing our heroes

in other words:

this isn't just about blind peace, that's one tenet

it's about kindness and how to be more humane, more human

do not call me a dictator, someone who orders others around

because your dictator is the opposite of me, and misled you into fighting your own governments (personal volition, too, much?)

everything here is decidedly pro-leader pro-regulation pro-taking your time anti-evil

i hate those who are disgusting violent throw fists don't talk it out become followers those who don't take responsibility those who benefit from others' hurting those who mislead others

i hate those who take the place of the suffering

i hate those who are so bold as to misdirect passion intentionally

i love those who fight for what they want, together, under one goal and achieve it

that is the worst decision ever

i'm here to help?

loose ends