By capturing Americans? (10-20? 0-5? 5-10?), you are digging your own graves, and be sure to note that Americans respond. They will be rescued and all Americans evacuated, and everyone will get the fuck out of a war zone, where innocent people can be hurt, and so the United States can get back to business. Fuck that weird shit, streets is starving all over the world and here, 2, but yea a lot of americans killed in apartheids too, g..same shit, killerz. tit-for-tat, no thanx, i don't think they got mad loot; so they ain't giving aid to us, wtf, like if The Holy See went apeshit, they'd fly over to talk shit over? wtf. he talks funny, and acts like he's an english professor, but he's a mean one. but yea i don't want anyone to fuck america up, and you're setting yourselves up to be hurt, just be careful angry people, you're murderous and bloodthirsty, as well, don't become a hothead. make sure no American Citizens who are innocents get hurt in any way in your military moves! that would be counterintuitive

Each day, 25000 people, including more than 10,000 children, die from hunger and related causes. Some 854 million people worldwide are estimated to be undernourished, and high food prices may drive another 100 million into poverty and hunger.


are the number of people alive.



13,690 is the number


 people who

 starve to death 

in America per year.

Am I the only one who doesn't like Friday the Thirteenth? I am not fearless (unafraid of any little thing that i say i am, taylor album title, btw), as I fear GOD and walk in his image everyday and that's my sacred vow

hunting animals is evil. killing animals is evil. i would rather save an animal's life than kill an animal's lifee. killing innocent people is evil. i would never even think of making fun of anyone innocent, like comedians do on tv, but killing someone innocent for any reason, don't! that's hellish behavior, and bounds you to HELL



5.0 millions children food insecurity everyday!

EIGHT (8) MILLIONs Americans are at risk of hunger due to poverty and lack of access to food

I want to end death! Not prolong life artificilally, to play GOD, but to stop people from hurting! each other! how unspeakable! that's terrifying what's going on everywhere, and prolonging it, and even taking one innocent life is too much. people get hurt. will more innocents be hurt? please stop!  I can't bear to see someone's tears. i see so much pain and suffering not there, but here. and there. and over there! agenda, much? I indeed don't like fighting, and am proud to say so! You, guys, all together now stop hurting everyone stop hurting yourselves and stop the killing it's evil any killing is you don't fight violence with violence no matter who starts the violence. it's eye-for-an-eye. it's the same logic as the death penalty, which is illogical. punishing the same crime in the same way, killing

find number

add them to hopefulness

to stay

and remain

and pray for and heal and save and learn

abusing others sux

killing others? that takes life 

life is Godly

Don't donate to atheist groups. That makes you an atheist moreso. You are lead by an atheist. That's disturbing, only Godly people and those who seek justice, not revenge, because hurting anyone is weird, and people?


i don't support a racist. any racist. i don't give money to a racist. do you? Two people I like say he's a racist, and they make sense. So I have to believe them. I do not support a racist. I never will. Racists don't change quickly; it takes so much efforts. Apartheid is really evil. I don't support apartheid.

Evil people hate others, and make them subjugated, and have to kill to avenge personal grievances about false gods and a desire to dictate violence - Alana is a dangerous person because she lies a lot

how many people? how many are dead from starving today? what is more important? what's fairer? make an order to get all the americans out immediately! war is scary! then that will stop. that's all. negotiate for the ten?? people (Citizens of th?), and make an order for the rest to come home. if they don't, then tough luck! not fighting anyone, 

take a stand against evil, miss taylor swift!